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Monsieur Font is a creation of Reid origin. Now M. Font plays an important role in some Blank lore.



Monsieur Font began his existence as the rich, French, alter-ego\\enemy\\financer of Matrix Man, an on going crime buster/telehero. M. Font lives in Chateau d'If.

Monsieur Font was born in a small, French village that is surrounded by rich countryside and was very isolated from the troubles of the world. It attracted no tourism largely because there was nothing there but that it was next to the sea and the cliff that bordered it in this small, rural village. That would soon change. He was born to an unknown family and all that is known about his parents is that his father was a very secluded man and both his parents died in mysteries accidents. As a child M. Font was always known as the “angry” boy of his peers. He was often grumbling about the smallest of things and had no friends whatsoever. After returning from school at London (nothing is known about this time period) he acquired vast sums of money between college and the destruction of his town, and he demolished his hometown. Then in place of the ruins: the C’rac de C`er ville, he built a huge castle and acquired the dungeons below and the mysterious set of caves and tunnels that connect to the sea. He then dubbed his castle, the castle of castles, Chateau D’If.

Monsieur Font, now

Now M. Font resides in his “humble” manor and is, in some ways, a classic scrooge, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, wandering, and other activities that is unknown to us. He eats already prepared meals that are set out on a table, a feast readily prepared. What he does is this; he walks into one of the lesser dining rooms (he and his servant decide on which one they use) and sees a feast readily prepared, and then eats some of it, then he leaves and the meal is untouched until M. Font decides to come again. His servant remakes the feast about every month or so. Therefore, there is a continuous meal that he can eat off at will. M. Font sleeps in the master bedchamber. When he can find his way back to it from exploring his own house. Otherwise, on the floor or the nearest room to where he is. The bulk of M. Font’s day is made up of exploring, or wandering in his house, noting a place to stash his money. He wanders from hall top hall, surveying his castle from the inside. Some days he saunters through his dungeons, going over the parts he knows and skipping to the parts that the layout is still unknown to him. Others he explores the confusing array of tunnels, grottos and monumental caves that riddle the cliff, akin to a sponge. And others times he explores the castle, walking down the endless hallways and opening the doors of an endless amount of rooms.

M. Font’s Servant

M. Font’s servant’s name is Jacques and he is a 47 year old butler who was raised very, very strictly so he has no life but for what he does for M. Font (some believe that he is mentally handicapped; the reason that he doesn’t question M. Font’s activities). His life is to clean, clean, and clean. With the exception of cooking a huge feast for M. Font about once every month. His daily schedule is to wake up every morning at 3:30 then prepare for himself a short lunch, eat breakfast, get dressed, and by 4:00 A.M. he is off. He then spends his day wandering around the castle sometimes going to the dungeons or the tunnels, cleaning and dusting as he walks. He and M. Font rarely cross paths (because the castle is so large) so that is how he spends his days. He just dusts the endless hallways, the countless rooms, and cooks the occasional meal but in short he is a nobody who wanders, cleaning. He usually wanders until he finds the area of the house that he knows and then goes to the pantry, eats, and finds his way to bed, and goes to sleep, if he finds his way back. Usually he does not until early the next morning.

Chateau d'If

A image that bears likeness to Chateau d'If

Monsieur Font's mansion is the castle Chateau d'If. Suiting the M's personality greatly, there is a constant thunder storm over head with sheets of rain either falling on the roof of Chateau d'If, the surrounding bleak country side, or plummiting down the sheer granite cliff into the ever tossing, dark waves of some unknown sea.

M. Font’s castle is a huge castle that resembles a Victorian/gothic castle but a lot bigger. Sources claim that the first floor of the Font castle is larger than 750,000 square feet. And that is just counting the charted part of it, not the uncharted part. There are 5 more stories from that to the highest battlement of area to measure. The Castle is a complex series of halls, rooms, and other things that normally go in mansions, only on a much greater scale.

Their are also dungeons and a series of tunels and caves that consist of the Font Manor.


A movie poster of Monsieur Font vs. Tambo

Monsieur Font is:

  • Very, very Rich
  • French
  • Miserly
  • Cares only for money
  • Snobby
  • Aristocratic


The Blank Club incorporated him into lore because he was a shriveled, corrupt, miser. Some of the works he has been used in are:

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