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Kopak Films is a film production company headed by Evan Pryzant.



Several other Blank Club related "movies" had been made by various movie producers (Crapola Films)...they were all terrible. After receiving a camcorder for his birthday Evan decided that he had had enough of these awful movies (see The Reject Series).

The Movies

Many movies have been made by Evan camera. Most of these were made by Luke, Brad, and Evan under the company of Kopak Films. Although most of these where made with action figure or stuffed animals and were incredibly low budget, most were funny. The following movies made by Kopak Film are in chronological order:

A plethora of spoilers are going to follow

The River Expedition

The River Expedition was the first of the movies produced by Kopak Films. At the time it was revolutionary and great, now looking back on it with a more modern view the movie was very mediocre.

The Plot

Character A and Character B (camera man) go on a quest to the fountain of youth. Many terrors and deaths befall them and eventually everybody on the expedition goes insane/dies/is eaten. The last scene of the movie reveals that the entire expedition was in fact a failed attempt at making a movie.

The Cast

Character A - Bannus Van der Kloot Character B - Evan Pryzant

Dodecahedron of Love

Dodecahedron of Love was Kopak Films first clam to fame. This 5 episode series is famous and loved for a number of reasons. It contains much silly humor, and always gets a huge amount of laughs from the audience. The low- budgetry of the series is made comical, and the purposeful bad quality and editing adds to the overall humor of the series. The series also has Brad in a Grim Reaper mask for the entire film.

The Plot

See Dodecahedron of Love

The Cast

See Dodecahedron of Love

Various other movies

  • Matrix Man 1
  • Matrix Man 2
  • The Army of One
  • Several bad Star War movies (joint-project with Crapola Films)
  • Interview with characters from the Adventures of Astro Bunny
  • Horror movie
    • This horror movie was, as publicly announced by Kopak Films, going to exceed The Adventures of Astro Bunny in production, acting, filming, and music. It was begun and the Blank Club was awed by great characters, plot, lighting, and especially costumes. Luke, Kopak Films costume designer, did an incredible job creating the monster's (same figure that played Evil Enemy) costume.

Adventures of Astro Bunny

By far the most critically acclaimed and most beloved movie made by Kopak Films. This movie took three hours to make and included, Bradley, Luke, Evan, Reid, and Timothy.

The Plot

See Adventures of Astro Bunny

The Cast

See Adventures of Astro Bunny

An image from the first scene of The Scots

The Scots

The movie was just a spur of the moment idea and movie. It was slightly funny but this was overshadowed by the fact that Evan's camera was broken and could not focus.

The Plot

The Vikings invade Scotland and want to kill them all. The Scottish narrowly avoid extinction by teaching the Vikings to play golf. Reid teaches the Viking warlord to play golf by singing this infamous song: Golf, golf, golf, it's the greatest sport in the world...Hey!" The Viking warlord does poorly in a golf game and decides to destroy the Scots anyway.

The Cast

Viking Warlord - Brad

Scottish king - Luke

Scottish caddie - Reid

Kopak Corner

Kopak Corner is a flash section of Creature Corner website were Kopak (see Pryzant, Evan would critic various stuff.

A picture of the site where a Tambo related movie by Kopak Films was to be made, Tambo's silly dinner

The Rebirth of Kopak Films

While Evan's camera was in its death throes Kopak Films tried to create Astro Bunny 2. After the first 2 scenes Evan's camera was finally laid to rest and all work on AB 2 ended. Several new projects have been suggested, like Tambo's silly diner but Kopak Films has not been able to scrounge up a camera.

After years of inactivity, Kopak Films came across a camera in the Summer of 2006. Aquanitance of the Blank Club, Calvin Holt, provided Kopak Films with a very nice rental camera as a result of some collective bargining. Kopak Films is now the busiest it has ever been, with several projects on its plate. Indeed, this was the new Golden Age of the Blank Film industry.

Status of Films Post Rebirth

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