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The Jihad Machines is an elite water gun operative commando strike team...thing. It is composed of two Barbours and two Pryzants. The Blank Club founded the Jihad Machines in the summer of 2004. All 4 members had lots of experience blasting away with their top- of- the- line water guns, so as a team, they were unstoppable. The Jihad Machines had a lot of trouble finding another team, but through persuasion, 2 other teams were made Rainbow 9 and World Sacrilege. However, this teams both fell through the roof and crash landed, which caused great saddness. However, the stat of the U.S.F is new hope for the Machines in combat, which is a source of celebration.

Jihad Machines
Captain General Subwoofer (General Barbour)
Members Brad Barbour(C), Evan Pryzant, Reid Pryzant, Luke Barbour
Longevity 2 years, many more disorganized
Armory CPS 2100 (3), CPS 1200 (2), Splashzooka (2), Flash Flood (2), Monster X (1)
Brad's Opinion Elite



The Jihad Machines' main goal is to allow its members to remain the best soldiers in the league through rigorous training, tight discipline, and lofty standards. Jihadite training is frequent in the summer months, and is exclusive to the elite group. Here the Jihadite stay sharp and effective with training methods that often reflect lessons learned in battles. During battles, the Jihadites will try to stay together as a group, but this is usually impossible, due to the large amount of skill on one side of the field, making things unfair. Therefore, if they must be split, they must retain their Code of Honor when engaging brother against brother.

Weapons and gear

Being the most elite water gun organization for a large radius of miles, it is important for the Jihad Machines to possess all the latest and greatest in hardware, software, and menswear. Therefore, they are all nicely equipped with some seriously great soakers, and through this, they are able to adapt to most any situation. Standard issue mid- range blasters are the priority for standard warfare, and for general soldiering. Both the CPS 2100 and the CPS 1200 accomplish this goal excellently, being standard issue for the Jihadites. Both Barbours own a 1200, while at the same time the Pryzants both own the CPS Splashzooka as their special weapon. Reid and Brad both own a Flash Flood assault pistol for a sidearm/lender gun. Futhermore, Brad tops off his collection with the heavy Monster X which virtually dwarfs most guns on the field. All in all, the Jihad Machine's arsenal is impressive, and allows the team to accomplish many different assignments.


  • Brad Barbour- (Field Marshel and Commadore of the U.S.L)

Barbour has carved the way to the top of the league with his great skill, unflagging charisma, and yelling abilities. He is loved by his men and feared by his enemies, and holds great authority and influence over everything soaker- related. Barbour is known to keep his men sharp and organized, humorous considering his slobbish vices. Although he is without equal commanding on the field, he is awfully rash in his planning process, and therefore relies on his Colonel Evan, for guidence. Barbour, as a team commander, wears the standard issue command backpack, and has chosen the Pakistani Cap as his command hat.

  • Evan Pryzant- (Colonel and Master Tactician)

The senior of the Pryzants, Evan is known far and wide for his sharp mind and tactical abilities. A competant fighter in his own right, Evan's major strength is his strategic skills and stuff. Evan is always vigilant and faithful to the Jihad Machines, and helps Brad as a (Twisted?) Mentat would help the leader of the House of your choice in Dune.

  • Luke Barbour- (Lieutenant and Guerilla Master at Arms)

One of the greatest soldiers in the U.S.L, Luke maintains high respect among the league for his fighting prowness, and excellent aim. An all around good soldier, Luke sometimes lacks the ability to take orders, especially if the commander is his brother. Luke's prefered fighting zone is the woods, and enjoys sneaking up on people.

  • Reid Pryzant- (Senior Sergent and... Ginaz Swordmaster...)

Reid is the most faithful soldier in the U.S.F, willing to do anything to the good of the cause, and the commander. He is the classic soldier; skilled, unquestioning, and unflagging. Reid ranks as one of the best fighters in the league (being part of the Jihad Machines does that to you...), and is the personal steward of General Barbour. In bigger battles, Reid is usually given a posistion of some authority for his service, such as being the unit commander of the youngling corp of the U.S.F.

Monumental Occasions

The first Jihad Machines flag

  • 7/9/04- Jihad Machines are formed
  • 7/11/04- First battle
  • 7/20/04- Slaughter at Brad's porch: Jihad Machines destroy Joey's forces
  • 8/1/04- Jihad Machines defeats 100 armed Southerners out for vengeance
  • 8/23/05- Grand Park Battle takes place. After over 3 weeks of planning, Jihad Machines fight in a 16 man war=
  • 9/01/05- Labor Day Battle with the same crowd as the week before. Fun, but was hampered by many civilian activities.
  • 4/1/06- Cooperation with Master Ranger Horgan leads to the Jihad Machines spearheading a intensive training program for ALL soldiers in the league, in hopes to increase the average skill level dramaticly over the summmer.

In Conclusion

Jihad Machines are awesome. If you would like to challenge our authority, go right ahead! We'd love a new team in the league. We usually have matches outside of houses or in the park, so after you get a team and Super Soaker arsenal at your disposal, call us up. Jihadists UNITE!

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