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General Subwoofer was a famed general in Blank Lore. General Subwoofer led B.L.A.N.K. Forces against the evils of Mr. Q, and Woofy. General Subwoofer was the highest-ranking member of B.L.A.N.K., and was famed for his prowess fighting with random objects. Subwoofer often led assaults against Mr Q and Woofy with himself included. In the Battle of B.L.A.N.K. Home Base, Subwoofer was killed in brutal fighting when the minions of Mr Q led by his brother Azubaza stormed the base. Subwoofer's forces were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the enemies, and he and his few surviving men were pushed back into the Control Centre, where brutal hand- to- hand fighting felled all of the heroes. However, Subwoofer, before death, triggered the self- destruct sequence of the base, destroying the H.Q and Azubaza's Corps. Abraham took over Subwoofer's position, and led B.L.A.N.K. to victory. Subwoofer will be remembered as the greatest general B.L.A.N.K. ever had, and will be forever revered. Brad also uses General Subwoofer as his alias in some instances, such as the making of Aughblooba.

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