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Week 4

Week 1-3

The 2009 Class Government is the governing body of the class of 2009. It consists of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The 2009 Class Government has undergone 4 major format changes over the 6 years it has been in place.

Under the National Assembly, the 2009 Class had a shared 4th grade and 5th grade Student Council with the Class of 2008. Anyone could join the council or run for office, but to hold office one had to give a short speech in front of the council and take part in an election. Weekly meetings were held every Wedensday morning in Mrs. Wheeler's room.

The Legislative Assembly was nearyl identical in format with the National Assembly except that it was this time it was a shared 5th grade and 6th grade Student Council. In 2001-2002 there were barely enough members for each member to represent 2 homerooms and in 2002-2003 there were so many members that most homerooms had two representatives. The 2002-2003 year marked the first time a 2009 Class President had been absent since October 2000.

The National Convention, although similar to the previous two governments, had a few key difference. One such difference was that one had to be voted in a general election to hold office of councilor (each of the two pods from the 7th and 8th grade would vote in 5 members, making 20 members total). Another difference was that 7th graders were not allowed to hold the office of President or Vice President, accounting for a second year of 2009 Class President absence during the term of 2003-2004. Yearly elections of officers were held and the vote was open only to councilors. One final difference was the abolishment of the second secretary position and the addition of "ad-hoc".

The Directory was a radical departure to the previous formats of government. The most obvious difference was that for the first time Student Council and the Executive Board were split into two different entities, the Student Council concerning itself with all 4 grades of High School and the Executive Board only with Class of 2009 matters. Another radical change was that this was the first time that all members of the class of 2009 took part in the election (see 2005 Student Elections) for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary (the fact that the elections took place at the end of the year was another chance within itself). Further, at the beginning of the year after the 4 officers had already been elected 4 other auxiliary members and 1 ice cream store manager to help carry out duties (although in 2005 only 5 people ran, making elections unnecessary).


Week 2

The Zeppelins rule the skies of Humana. The airships of the Creatures range from small one-seated fighterships, to the awe- inspiringly massive Humana Glory, and have many uses.

Zeppelins, although finding themselves very unpopular after the Hindenburg incident, found all they needed were some upgrades and cooler designs. Humana, with its gaseous but quite breathable air, is the perfect place for zeppelins. The air serves 2 functions. Condensed into liquid, it is the fuel the Creature zeppelins run on. Also, the light air makes zeppelin travel quite easy. Zeppelins run on the gas inside there gigantic gasbags, which lifts them up off the ground. The zeppelins engines attached to the gondolas propel the zeppelins, while adding or removing gas from the bag adjusts the altitude in which they fly.

Week 1

Monsieur Font is a creation of Reid origin. Now M. Font plays an important role in some Blank lore. Monsieur Font began his existence as the rich, French, alter-ego\\enemy\\financer of Matrix Man, an on going crime buster/telehero. M. Font lives in Chateau d'If.

M. Font resides in his “humble” manor and is, in some ways, a classic scrooge, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, wandering, and other activities that is unknown to us. He eats already prepared meals that are set out on a table, a feast readily prepared. What he does is this; he walks into one of the lesser dining rooms (he and his servant decide on which one they use) and sees a feast readily prepared, and then eats some of it, then he leaves and the meal is untouched until M. Font decides to come again. His servant remakes the feast about every month or so. Therefore, there is a continuous meal that he can eat off at will. M. Font sleeps in the master bedchamber. When he can find his way back to it from exploring his own house. Otherwise, on the floor or the nearest room to where he is. The bulk of M. Font’s day is made up of exploring, or wandering in his house, noting a place to stash his money. He wanders from hall top hall, surveying his castle from the inside. Some days he saunters through his dungeons, going over the parts he knows and skipping to the parts that the layout is still unknown to him. Others he explores the confusing array of tunnels, grottos and monumental caves that riddle the cliff, akin to a sponge. And others times he explores the castle, walking down the endless hallways and opening the doors of an endless amount of rooms.


Week 4

The TIA was an organization created in early 6th Grade by Tim Myers. It is often called the greated rival that the Blank Club had ever had, and was directed responsible for numerous wars, attacks, and nightmares, most notable being The Great Bling War.

Although many have claimed otherwise, the real reason behind the TIA was bad blood between Myers and Barbour in late 4th Grade. An intense jeleousy had been created between the two, and after being denied my Barbour for whatever reason, held a grudge against him that was not lifted until late 6th Grade. This grudge would play an important role in further incidents with the Blank Club and Tim's Brigade. A quiet rivalry continued, until the silence was broken in late October of 6th Grade, when Joey Horgan applied to Barbour for application into Blank on a Bus 14 ride. Joey was ruthlessly denied, causing much controversy, and humiliating Horgan. However, Timm, who was also riding the bus, stepped out in determination. Remember how he too was denied, Tim boldly proclaimed that Joey could join a NEW club that Tim would create. And at that moment, the world would never be the same.

Week 3

Tambo is an evil God-Lord that inhabits people stomachs to control them, and most often Brad's stomach is a victim of his treachery.

In stomach form, Tambo is not seen but instead heard possessing his victim. In physical form, Tambo is a pulsing organ type- thing that moves with his 6 slimy tentacles that suck the nutrients out of prey. Truly, Tambo is a fell being. Tambo started out as a young stomach virus, but he knew he could be much more than this. He created an evil organization that would help him rise to power in the body. Other cells feared this organization, for they had destroyed many units of blood cell warriors. As soon as Tambo had risen to full power, he eliminated all of his associates, and invaded the stomach. Tambo morphed with the stomach with his unbelievable powers to turn into the Tambo we know and fear today. Tambo got rid of the host body, feeding off its nutrients until he had reach full size. Soon Tambo realized he needed more souls to feed off of, so he began his hunting spree. Yes, this is a gross story, but it must be told to warn the public of Tambo's horrors.

Week 2

Evan Football is one of the most common games played by the Blank Club, second only to Rugby Racing. Some experts have speculated that Evan Football has its roots in Calvinball, probably because of its lenient rules and lack of any order.

Evan Football is played with two teams on a long and skinny field outdoors, usually either at Barbour Stadium or Pryzant Mega Monolith of GOD (it is a field also, if you can believe it...). The game is very similar to football except for a couple rules. The point of the game is to bring the ball to the end of the opponents land. Players can forward ladder- roll the ball, trip players, and bash your enemies with the ball. However, the most important rule is that the play is not over until the ball touches the ground. As you can see this is a very contact- ridden sport. Because of how few players there normally are (two on each team) there are almost no passing plays, and teams that pass the ball too much, or use any conventional football practices are generally frowned upon.

Week 1

The Jihad Machines is an elite water gun operative commando strike team...thing. It is composed of two Barbours and two Pryzants. The Blank Club founded the Jihad Machines in the summer of 2004. All 4 members had lots of experience blasting away with their top- of- the- line water guns, so as a team, they were unstoppable. The Jihad Machines had a lot of trouble finding another team, but through persuasion, 2 other teams were made Rainbow 9 and World Sacrilege.

The standard weapon for the Jihad Machines is the lightweight and powerful CPS 2100. However, Barbour, Brad and Barbour, Luke both own the older but very deadly CPS 1200, Brad owns both of them. Both water guns are very big, not those sissy toy ones. Each operative carries with them a bottle of water for field refills. Brad, the team captain, holds a backpack filled with bottles of water, buckets to fill, towels to dry off with and to wet to use as a rat-tail, and other field equipment.

Jihad Machines are awesome. If you would like to challenge our authority, go right ahead! We'd love a new team in the league. We usually have matches outside of houses or in the park, so after you get a team and Super Soaker arsenal at your disposal, call us up. Jihadists UNITE!


Week 4

Founded by Bannus Van der Kloot in a sixth grade math class, Creature may be the acme of the Blank Club's five-year existence. In 2001, Bannus Van der Kloot drew creature on the math homework of Bradley Barbour. Creature has since been developed thoroughly by Jesse Aicher and Bradley Barbour.

The history of Creature is a strange one. One day a Creature suddenly came into being. It was sad, being all alone, not slowly more and more Creatures came into being. The first Creature decided it should lead his people to new and better things, so without further ado, a crown and a staff was drawn him, and he became King Creature. His friend, a religious fanatic, became Pope Creature. So the Creatures lived a prosperous and peaceful life on their home, Mt. Humana. Then suddenly, a threat came into being. Woofy, a large dog wanted nothing more than to see the Creatures of Humana eradicated. The Drones, lead by Woofy fought the Creatures in many bitter wars. The Creatures, although being peaceful, fought vigorously, and their ingenuity helped them create many machines of war (see Zeppelin). The Creatures and the Drones continue to fight in feuds today. Creatures gave their support in the Q War, and helped B.L.A.N.K defeat the evil union between Mr Q and Woofy. The Creatures were given large amounts of money for their support, which helped the Creatures built Humana up into a gigantic citadel mountain, and helped the Creatures expand into the plains around Humana, including the Nouveau Soviet Tundras.

Week 3

Sir John is a series of movies made by General Subwoofer on iMovie.

Sir John I, was made mostly born of stupidity, but ended up a quality, entertaning production. Met with critical and economic success, Sir John was a important work for the Blank Club, showing that a move into public media could be done for the legendary group. In light of this, the following year Subwoofer started work on Sir John II, which promised to be bigger, better, and more polished then the last. Following the famous and excellent teaser trailer, which mirrored the opening of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, the hype grew to an unrivaled extent. Subwoofer employed multiple Blank club members to assist him in the design team, most notably Bannus, who worked on the trailer/intro. However, halfway through production, Subwoofer stopped the "filming" of Sir John II and fired the design team. The media and the Blank Club were very upset at this decision made by Subwoofer, and is noted by historians as a terrible move. However, Subwoofer hints that the Sir John saga may not be done quite yet...

Week 2

Bradleyo Cards was a swindle that lasted for several months; part of a gigantic scamming spree Bradley had in the 2nd half of the school year in 2004. Bradleyo Cards were small pieces of paper with pictures of monsters and foolish information. These cards cost points, which Brad incorporated into a credit card system. Each point card cost around 4 dollars, and had 30 points on it. Points could be exchanged for different meaningless things, including Bradleyo cards. Brad also created different levels of point clubs that had members only content. However, due to Brad's conning strategies, the exclusive content was nothing more than foolishness, and Brad encouraged the scammed to invest in higher and more expensive point clubs, promising more and more content. Bradleyo cards encouraged a collect them all approach, and, indeed, many people wanted to do this, most notably John Cameron. However, one could never collect all of these cards, for Brad churned out more and more foolish trinkets for the public. Brad made a killing off this scam, which had 0 expenses, so the income kept on flowing. The amazing thing was the fact that people so happily threw their money at him, with no suspicions! It seemed like there was no end in sight! However, all good things must come to an end, and soon people slowly realized that they had been cheated. But it was to avail, for Brad had already gotten enough money to skip town, and find more saps.

Week 1

Evil Enemy #9 is a character seen in much Astro Bunny stories, and is the corrupt leader of the Zarktonians. #9, like all Zarktonians, has a elongated cranium, talons, and is dark green. He also wears a custom eye targeting reticule, a officer's hat and a suave uniform. #9 is most notability known for his near- constant appearances in the AB comics, and the Astro Bunny Movie, both as him portraying the villain. He and his brethren have been drawn numerous times, and has been included in much lore. #9 is often known to have a scorned attitude towards most life forms, and has a huge armoury of weapons at his disposal.


Week 4

The Adventures of Astro Bunny was Kopak Films best and most popular film. It stared Astro Bunny, Evil Enemy #9, and the Reincarnation Machine. This film took 3+ hours to make. Brad did acting and voice overs. Luke did costumes and voice overs. Timothy and Reid did sound effects, and Evan did Camera and sound. The plot begins when Astro Bunny crashes on the deserted planet, Anooga 8. After the devestating crash, his animal friends help him get to Macbeth’s Crossing. As he walks, he is assaulted by the diabolical #9. AB escapes, makes it to Macbeth's Crossing, and reaches the safe harbor of his friend Tortoise. Macbeth’s Crossing is blown up in the end Astro Bunny is captured and killed by Evil Enemy #9. The movie was based on the original Astro Bunny comic series by General Subwoofer.

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