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A example of a Creature zeppelin

The Creature Zeppelins rule the skies of Humana. The airships of the Creatures range from small one-seated fighterships, to the awe- inspiringly massive Humana Glory, and have many uses.

Zeppelins and their workings

Zeppelins, although finding themselves very unpopular after the Hindenburg incident, found all they needed were some upgrades and cooler designs. Humana, with its gaseous but quite breathable air, is the perfect place for zeppelins. The air serves 2 functions. Condensed into liquid, it is the fuel the Creature zeppelins run on. Also, the light air makes zeppelin travel quite easy. Zeppelins run on the gas inside there gigantic gasbags, which lifts them up off the ground. The zeppelins engines attached to the gondolas propel the zeppelins, while adding or removing gas from the bag adjusts the altitude in which they fly.

Types of Creature Zeppelins

Creature Zeppelins range from reconnaissance craft to civilian yachts to gigantic ships of war. The reason behind this is their versatility and reliability as opposed to airplanes. Here are some of the crafts.

  • Destroyers: Medium-sized and most widely used of all military zeppelins. Destroyers are fairly fast, low costing, and quite deadly. Uses include escorting capital ships, ground to air bombardment and engaging other large fliers, (such as the Drone Shadow class flying fortresses).
  • Cruisers: Huge ships of war in two classes:
    • Missilecrusiers and Battlecrusiers. Missilecrusiers wield huge missiles coming out of the hull of the ship, and also boast several large multi-missile systems in the gondola. Battlecrusiers, the larger version, are the heaviest weapon system the Creatures have to offer, and are the battleships off the sky. Battlecrusiers carry hundreds of laser and missile systems. As well as a huge tractor beam super heavy laser system capable of destroying entire fortresses in a single shot.
  • Carriers: Creature Citadel Fleet Carriers are indeed an awe-inspiring sight. These huge fortresses of the sky are capable of carrying over 4500 Creatures, and can berth 100 fighters, which land on the 2 gigantic platforms sticking out of the huge gondola. The carriers can refuel other zeppelins in midair. Although boasting a large amount of guns, the carrier's function is not exactly battle, and its large size makes it a prime target for predators like Drone fighters. Carriers need destroyer escorts and other zeppelins to protect it.
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