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A sample Bradleyo Card from an ad

Bradleyo Cards was a swindle that lasted for several months; part of a gigantic scamming spree Bradley had in the 2nd half of the school year in 2004. Bradleyo Cards were small pieces of paper with pictures of monsters and foolish information. These cards cost points, which Brad incorporated into a credit card system. Each point card cost around 4 dollars, and had 30 points on it. Points could be exchanged for different meaningless things, including Bradleyo cards. Brad also created different levels of point clubs that had members only content. However, due to Brad's conning strategies, the exclusive content was nothing more than foolishness, and Brad encouraged the scammed to invest in higher and more expensive point clubs, promising more and more content. Bradleyo cards encouraged a collect them all approach, and, indeed, many people wanted to do this, most notably John Cameron. However, one could never collect all of these cards, for Brad churned out more and more foolish trinkets for the public. Brad made a killing off this scam, which had 0 expenses, so the income kept on flowing. The amazing thing was the fact that people so happily threw their money at him, with no suspicions! It seemed like there was no end in sight! However, all good things must come to an end, and soon people slowly realized that they had been cheated. But it was to avail, for Brad had already gotten enough money to skip town, and find more saps.

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