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His Most High Supreme Commodore Bradley Barbour (October 7, 1990-present) is one of the Head Honchos of the Blank Club. He is the Founder of the Jihad Machines, an elite Super Soaker unit, and is the head bard for the club. Brad, along with Evan and Luke, founded the supreme law of the land in 3rd Grade.


A Troubled Past... A Dark Soul (wow, that sounds pretty emo)

Brad has always been... notorious during his school carrer. Maybe it's the height. Maybe it's the less than normal personality. Maybe it's that he's so uber- handsome... (What?! You know it to be true...maybe...) Whatever it is, he certainly benifets from it, because we all know he craves attention (we all have to be honest sometimes). And the people who he hangs around aren't shy or unnoticable either, so that probably explains a couple things, the most important of which being why the Blank Club is so cool.

Warning: May contain life story

In Ancient Times, when Dinosaurs walked the Earth...

This story begins in 1st Grade, when things started to get rolling for our God- Entity here. You see, as most of Blank History can back- up, Tim has always played a major role in the grade scheme of things. Even this early, Tim was a controlling force over the running of the playground. And all you can really say about him back then, was that he had absolute control. Very popular with the people, had a whole bucket full of mindslaves, a bunch of females fawning all over him. (I would make some sort of crude joke about this, but because it's 1st Grade, it's too wrong to be funny, honestly). He ruled in the punnicle of the playground, the monsterous Tim Tower, which he saw everything. However, he must have been failing those vision test, because what he did not notice was a resistance stirring up against him. Whether it was jelousy (probably), hate, or some interesting dark sideplot, a rather large group of people wanted Tim thrown out of command. They had the power, and the ambition, to do this, but all they needed was a leader. So one thing lead to another, and the most well known of the rebels, Brad Barbour, stepped in as Rebel Commander and elected his best friend at the time to co- commander; Kristo Herzog. With this, a primitive, yet vast, war erupted in the Maze Craze, and lasted on and off for the next year and a half. During this time, many were sent to the jail, and Tim Tower was captured and recaptured many times. But the most important event was the rise of young Brad Barbour as an influencial person, one that would be remembered in the books. In the middle of 2nd Grade, a peace treaty was signed between the two opposing leaders, Tim and Brad, and they went on to become friends (because that's how things worked back then). During this war, Brad gained power, and upon tasting this power, he decided he would devote his life to taste this raw power wherever he went. He would become an immortal amonst men...

Tragedy STRIKES! (Warning: kind of sad...)

For a long time, Brad planned his ascent to power. For years, he had a group of friends, but the problem was that, other than Kristo, none of them shared his interests or ambitions. However, Brad knew that if he continued to stay with Kristo, things eould work out alright. One thing you have to understand about Bradley is his feverent believe that a SMALL, close knit group of friends is essential. While you can have a number of minor friends, what really mattered, and still matters, to him was the good friends. While a good idea on paper, and excellent in the real world, it neglects a small point: the one about one of the friends leaving. Brad did not forsee this, and it proved to be a major tactical blunder. In 4th Grade, Kristo was forced to move away to points unknown, a crippling blow to Bradley. I mean, seriously. It was harsh. With his best friend gone, his plans were put on halt.

The Cogs of Destiny, and the New Order

All of this changed, however, although it was a slow process. You see, Brad had just moved to his new house, next to the great Evan Pryzant. Although Evan and Brad would eventually become super- awesome friends, the two met each other with scorn and malice. There is know knowledge of why this was so. After making friends with the famous Jesse Aicher, who was also a friend of Evan's, the two created the Anti- Evan Channel, often known as the stupidest of most pitiful thing ever to happen. This did not last long, however, and finally, Brad's mom forced Evan and Brad to shake hands and stop hating each other. Strangely enough, the two became friends pretty much the next day. Isn't parental guidence the craziest thing? With Jesse and Evan, and Brad and Luke all friends, in 5th Grade the Blank Club was started, which was a huge thing. At that moment, the Blank Club began to become greater and greater. 5th Grade introduced Brad to Bannus, who would later become a influencial member of the club. Fish Camp also was a key part of Blank tradition, until it's ban in 8th Grade. Brad finally had rediscovered his purpose again: to make the Blank Club the greatest organization the school had ever seen.

Guilded Age

In 6th Grade. Times were at it's absolute peak. Nothing was wrong at all, and 6th Grade was the year in which people really were influenced the most by the club. Brad just digged all of it, and was busy helping the Blank Club reach new heights. Bannus unwittingly secured his entrence into the club (although this would happen later) by drawing the famous Creature. Brad found Creature as a work of art, and to this day is the greatest patron/artist of the Creature traditions. Through his intervention, Creature became the most well known doddle in the school. To this day, that fact remains

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