World Sacrilege

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World Sacrilege is (was) a soaker team currently in limbo.



World Sacrilege first began as an idea on the Dread Isle, Cow Island. While suffering the cruel conditions and the slaver- like "teachers", Brad gave his friends hope by talking about the soaker season which would be greater than ever. Jesse was excited about this, and talks began concerning a new team to compete against the Jihad Machines in which Aicher would lead. Members would include Josh H., Ben J., and Toby, along with several others minor members that would help out occasionally due to the Jihad Machine's huge skill bonus. The die was set; a new team was to be made. After release from the prison island, the Jihad Machines did everything it could to sponser the newly dubbed World Sacrilege in an effort to get it on its feat. World Sacrilege, however, suffered from many shortcomings. First, its members were mostly unskilled and disorganized, with very little disipline. Second, a lack of competant guns plauged the team, making the weakness of the team even more appearent. Very little training went into the team, although Jesse tried to make these training sessions happen. All of this led to the quasi- faliure of World Sacrilege, which dismayed the Jihad Machines greatly. Jesse now works in the Mercenary Guild as a freelancer, although there is unfounded rumors that the may get back together. However, this is entirely unlikely.


Captain (now Freelancer) Jesse Aicher

  • Weapon- CPS 2100
  • Current Status- Mercenary
  • Comments- Although a excellent fighter, Jesse did not know how to hold his troops together, contributing to the failure of World Sacrilege. He now works as a mercenary, where he has freelanced in a number of monumentous battles.

Grunt Josh Hogan

  • Weapon- Unknown
  • Current Status- MIA/ Dishonorable Discharge
  • Comments- Due to his lack of action, Hogan never really was a great fighter. He is known as one of the hardest soldiers to command, which is his likened to his laack of attentivness. He is not a member of the USL

Grunt Ben Jones

  • Weapon- Unknown
  • Current Status- MIA/ Dishonorable Discharge
  • Comments- See Josh Hogan

Private Toby Aicher

  • Weapon- CPS 2100
  • Current Status- League Soldier
  • Comments- Through years of service, Toby has risen above grunts to earn the rank of Private, which he keeps to this day. Toby has completed Basic Training with a passing grade, securing him a place of League Soldier. Toby may not be the best soldier on the field, but he works hard, and follows orders excellently.
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