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A picture of the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

In 8th Grade the majority of our grade took a 4 day long trip to Washington DC. Despite the fact that this trip was fun and slightly educational, it also greatly affected Joey's life.


The D.C. trip has been a tradition in the middle school for many (possibly 8) years. It is intended as a educational field trip to the nations capital.


An example of a bus we might have gone in
  • Board a bus to Philidelphia
  • Stay at Philly for two days, one night
  • Board bus to Washington
  • Stay at Washington
  • Do touristy things at D.C.
  • Leave to Gettysburg
  • Leave from Gettysburg on a nearly 12 hour bus ride at night with lots of children to Foreign Lands.
A picture of the card given to us upon entering the ESPN Zone


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