Voodoo Burnings

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Voodoo Burnings are a customary, ceremonial activity that the Blank Club participates in every summer. They involve the burning symbollic papers and objects



First Voodoo Burning: Requiem for a Wordly Wise

Voodoo Burnings began in the summer of 2003, when the Blank Club was at its pinnacle of excellence, and ceremonies were almost as common as breathing. In late June, Blank Club members gathered around General Subwoofer's fire pit to burn homework, and pictures of their least favorite people. There was joy during this occasion, for the memories of school were going up in the cruel blaze of the unforgiving flames. After the incineration process, a silent memorial was muttered, and the ceremony was over.

Second Voodoo Burning: Traditions Rekindled

A second burning the year after was skipped, unfortunately. This can most likely be contributed to the Great Downfall, in which Blank spirit was at an all- time low. After the Club's reformation in the 8th Grade, a new interest in ceremonies was kindled, and the 2005 Voodoo Burning was held in late June. 2005's burning was much bigger than the earlier one, and had too many papers burned to count. Most importantly was a burned picture of Flame #1, a realize of many emotions for Dr. D. After all of this, an awesome round of Perfect Dark was played. Indeed, this was a great day in Blank History.

Important Papers Burned

Of course, the Blank Club would never burn important historical documents, but some papers of note were blown in ash form to the Four Winds.

  • A copy of Wordly Wise
  • A copy of Pauvre Anne
  • Various drawings of hated foes
  • A drawing of Flame #1
  • An diabolically long band technique worksheet
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