Treaty at Chikiwah

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The Treaty at Chikiwah is the treaty signed by Horgan, Joseph, Barbour, Bradley and Pryzant, Evan ending The Great Bling War and creating Aughblooba Industries.



In the waning days of The Great Bling War, renewed peace talks between Blank Club High Command and the remains of the Loose Rebellion of Insurgents proceeded. At this time, Horgan had many under the impression that he was a god lord at web design, and the prospect of an online blank club was quite appealing to High-Command. In addition, Horgan was also working on various Video Games such as Super Paul and Phrunt Flhip and lego Movies such as Reject 6. The idea of expanding Blank Club both into the online realm finally became so promising that talks were taken a step forward both to create a new online game/movie company/website and a treaty was drawn up. Finally, in April 2003 the treaty was signed on Bus 14 while passing Chikiwah Point (hence the name of the agreement).



Aside from the obvious signifigance of the ending of The Great Bling War, the treaty had other results that shaped the Blank Club. Once such was the start of the online age for the Blank Club. Before this time, Blank club was completely based on print meterial and memory. Now, with internet, video games and movie, a new chapter had been opened in the history of blank arts. In addition, the tradition of psuedonyms for Blank Members began. Although at first enstated only for security resons, name-choosing has become a Blank tradition. Even today, when inagurated into Blank Club each new member chooses a name.

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