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The SAAAAAAAA Strand is a technological thriller text game written by General Subwoofer and played by Bannus Van der Kloot on April 10th on Gmail chat.



In the beginning, Brad is randomly saing different variations (ie. more A's) of "SAAAAAAAA". The reader is confused and angered by this, until he sees Brad typing random chains of loosely agreeable phrases. The words turn to Tambo sooner or later, and the reader, knowing Brad's problems with Tambo in the past, becomes concerned. Randomly, Brad screams "SAAAAAAAA" during or after sentences. It seems that Tambo is possessing him, and is driving him insane. In his final strength, Brad pleads that the torment of Tambo and SAAAAAAAA will end, and suddenly, a system crash in Brad's internal workings commences. It seems that that a certain strand of SAAAAAAAA.exe has infected the system, and threatens to destroy it. The reader then commences to try and destroy the demonic SAAAAAAAA Strand that will, if not stopped, destroy Brad, and the world.

Gameplay Mechanics

The SAAAAAAAA Strand is totally unique, in that it invents a new gameplay system. In it, the reader uses his own imagination to solve problems that Brad's system is facing, and Brad's Help Drive is willing to adapt to whatever the reader demands (although these demands are not always met). Therefore, the game is different every time you play, with new, unexpected twists happening every turn. The core gameplay aspect is trying to optimize Brad's destroyed Sanity Cortex. As the damage lessens, more help is offered (due to new processes coming to life). A normal game (if the Sanity Cortex plot is finished) continues it's frantic pace with a desperate fight against Tambo himself. Fighting a diety is not easy, and the player is allowed to bring any three characters from the Blank Universe, or from the teams of non- Blank importants from the tenitive RPG game that is in the works from the Blank Club (such as the Sheik, or Ashida Kim). A crazy, often nonsense RPG style fight ensues, which is controlled by a LIMITED amount of rules. The lack of many rules allows for complete freedom of choice in the battle. An example of this is creating attacks for you characters that will comply with there personalities. After this, a breakneck finale scene comes, different every time, in which the player is forced to make some difficult choices. Although unrefined, The SAAAAAAAA Strand's gameplay shows much promise, and is very fun and different.


=== Brad === The victim, who the SAAAAAAAA Strand is plauging. He can be helped, but only under a skilled player.

=== Player === A friend who's mission is to help Brad... and the world. He fights for justice.

=== Brad Help Drive=== The unpredictable system that guides you though Phase One and Phase Two

=== Tambo=== Diety who is the material form of evil. He is relentless and insane.

Phase Two Playable Characters

This is not a complete list, but rather a list of characters that have been tried before.

=== Craig === Man of the sea who's summoning abilities are unmatched ==== Major Attack ==== Summon: Life- Form: Craig summons the living thing of your choice ==== Minor Attack ==== Band of Fisherman: Summons two friends of Craig (wharf guys)

=== Tambo === Tambo is unpredicatable and brutal. He is much stronger than an individual alone, but a group of heroes might be able to take him down

==== Major Attack ==== Puppet Mastery- A brutal attack that allows Tambo to use the weakest party member for his bidding. Tambo's health decreases if he uses subject as weapon. If he uses as human shield, all damage is absorbed into subject. This attack drains all power

==== Minor Attack ==== Insanity Drain- Sucks 20 HP from all enemies, giving it to himself

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