The Epic Riddle

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The Epic Riddle is a classic mind- bending situation created by Brad Barbour in the 6th Grade. It has stumped, confused, and even destroyed many a vagabond in its day.


The Situation

The riddle starts off with a deceptively simple set- up: "Three coins in a fountain". In the second line, things start to heat up. The questioner than asserts that "Two of them are ...". The questioner than inserts one of 5 possible states of being to the two coins, an example being "Two of them are hard of hearing." Then the questioner then asks a stunning logical and yet profoundly mysterious question that continues to baffle civilizations: "What is the other one?" The vagabond must deduce which state of being the last coin is in. With a combination of logic, problem solving, pure riddle skill, and a little bit of luck, the answer to the question is reachable. But be wary! The answer changes each time! Only the most skilled can tackle the Epic Riddle.

The States of Being

The coins can possess 5 states of being, all of which are profoundly metaphorical.

  • A god- lord
  • Dyslexic
  • Hard of hearing
  • A gift of a magji
  • Crazy- cool

People Who Have Solved the Epic Riddle

  • Jesse Aicher
  • Luke Barbour (Season 2)

People Who May Have Solved the Epic Riddle

  • Luke Barbour (Season 1)

Jokes One Might Tell About The Epic Riddle

  • "3 coins walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "What is this, a 1954 romance movie?" To which the quarter responds, "There's no love like Roman love..."
  • "Members of the 3 Coins Foundation walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "What is this, a scam charity?" To which the leader of the group responds, "Yes."

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