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A picture of Tambo possesing various life-forms

Tambo is an evil God-Lord that inhabits people stomachs to control them, and most often Brad's stomach is a victim of his treachery.


Physical Traits and Characteristics

In stomach form, Tambo is not seen but instead heard while he controls his victim. A possessed lifeform always has green and black bloodshot eyes, that the professional can easily spot. In physical form, Tambo is a pulsing organ type- entity that moves with his 6 slimy tentacles that suck the nutrients out of prey. True Tambo has hundreds of eyes covering the slimy membrane of his skin. Although Tambo is much weaker physically in this form, he can easily go into his "puppet master" phase, in which he can use his tenticles to quickly possess 6 lifeforms at the same time, using them as shields or weaponns. Truly, Tambo is a fell being.


Tambo started out as a young stomach virus in a middle- aged Shrak soldier, but he knew he could be much more than this. He created an organization that would help him rise to power in the body, and made many powerful allies. Other cells feared this organization, for they had destroyed many units of blood cell warriors. As soon as Tambo had risen to full power, he eliminated all of his associates, and invaded the stomach. Tambo morphed with the stomach with his unbelievable powers to turn into the Tambo we know and fear today. Tambo got rid of the host body, feeding off its nutrients until he had reach full size. Soon Tambo realized he needed more souls to feed off of, so he began his hunting spree. Travelling from world to world, he leaves his wake of blood everywhere he goes, and has encountered many Blank icons along the way.

A picture of the site where the Tambo related movie by Kopak Films, Tambo's Silly Dinner, was to be made


Tambo has appeared in a comic, some lore, but mostly by Brad talking about how Tambo is possessing him, kind of like Gollum. And when this happens, watch out.


Many believe that Tambo is a distant cousin to Cthulhu, and originally comes from Squigalimaas a mutated Squigalimian.

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