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A TIA membership card

The TIA was an organization created in early 6th Grade by Tim Myers. It is often called the greated rival that the Blank Club had ever had, and was directed responsible for numerous wars, attacks, and nightmares, most notable being The Great Bling War.


Although many have claimed otherwise, the real reason behind the TIA was bad blood between Myers and Barbour in late 4th Grade. An intense jeleousy had been created between the two, and after being denied my Barbour for whatever reason, held a grudge against him that was not lifted until late 6th Grade. This grudge would play an important role in further incidents with the Blank Club and Tim's Brigade. A quiet rivalry continued, until the silence was broken in late October of 6th Grade, when Joey Horgan applied to Barbour for application into Blank on a Bus 14 ride. Joey was ruthlessly denied, causing much controversy, and humiliating Horgan. However, Timm, who was also riding the bus, stepped out in determination. Remember how he too was denied, Tim boldly proclaimed that Joey could join a NEW club that Tim would create. And at that moment, the world would never be the same.

Governmental Organization

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