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Strategic Tituba is without doubt the most strategic location on the planet Earth. Located in the Pacific Ocean south of Kamchatka, Strategic Tituba is in the center of what is now one of the largest warzones on the planet.



After the rebirth of Tituba which marked the end of the Dakari stranglehold, the Witch- Cleric quickly gathered a powerful cult on Pili Island. 10 years later, the landmass of which is now known as Strategic Tituba was formed by highly disputed reasons. These claims, along with its immense tactical value, have caused several bloody struggles to take place. Every faction except for Felons United (who have no navy save for the Avatar) have fought and died on this land with Tituba herself has called "A mystery, an enchantment, a vortex..."

Claims to how it was formed

Icelandic Claim

Iceland's government has claimed that the island was a byproduct of an experimental program known as Strategic Tectonics. The government has stood by this claim and maintains a strong northern presence and bitterly contests a similar socialist claim.

Socialist Claim

Similar to Iceland's claim, Socialist International maintains that the island was created through an unnamed, undetailed government program. Although the Socialist claim is one of the weakest (due to lack of any official release of evidence), the red government today maintains one of the four firmest presences on the island.

Titubethian Claim

Tituba and her cultists claim that the Witch- Cleric's power summoned the island into being. The Titubethians use this as both "proof" that Tituba's magicks do indeed exist, and that Strategic Tituba is under the control of their cult. Although they are steadfast in their belief that the island should be theirs, they are currently too weak to contest other, more powerful factions for control of the tactical point.

Irish Catholic Claim

The Irish Catholics are fanatical in their belief that God created the island, and that they must secure the holy land for the heretics that plauge it. So feverent is their desire that they have mobilized a large percentage of their small forces half way across the Earth to do battle in the name of the Lord on Strategic Tituba. The Catholics are usually able to maintain a foothold on the southeast part of the island, only because the Pirates are a superstitious people, and do not want to incur His wrath. A byproduct of this relationship is low-scale trade relations between the two factions, a rarity in this age of strife.

Pirate Claim

Although the Pirates claim that a Pirate hordeship discovered the island before anyone else, they do not need to convince anyone of this. The Pirates raid with monsterous force on the island, to the horror of any faction that may be holding the island at the time. Therefore, the Pirates control the island more frequently than any other faction, mainly for the fact that the island is within their bonds of control. Due to its strategic nature, however, Pirate clans will often fight each other for control of the island.

Current Situation

Strategic Titiba is currently held by a Pirate majority after the Pirate Hunter foothold on the landmass was brutally extinguished by a mass Pirate assault. However, Irish Catholic Crusaders still hold the part of the southeast in a fanatical desire to win the island in the name of God.


  • "Aye, it's a hard place to crack, I'll tell ya. Some of my boys were sayin' some superstitious dingo- kidney 'bout the island, but we know that Witch- Queen don't got no powers. But ya know, it's hard not to wonder 'bout all those symbols all 'round the island..." (Helgi Hallvarðsson of the V/s Þór in a journal entry after an Icelandic attack on the island)
  • "Our Holy Father has given us divine commandment to purge the witches of the island, and we will follow His wishes. The coming of the island is a clear sign that He means to deliver us from this wretched, warring world, and bring justice upon the heretics that plauge our fair Earth..." (Bishop O' Riordan on Strategic Tituba)
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