CPS Splashzooka 65 oz

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CPS Splashzooka
Owners Evan Pryzant and Reid Pryzant
Age 4 years (?)
Condition Working but obvious use
Affiliation Jihad Machines

The CPS Splashzooka 65 oz has had a tremendous influence on Blank lore, possibly the most of any super soaker.




Evan Pryzant and Reid Pryzant one day became tired of constantly being mutilated at the hands of Brad and Luke Barbour's CPS 1200. The Pryzants only had some old xps which were no match to the CPS series. The Pryzants decided to end this practice and buy their own cps' to match the Barbour's. They went to Toy's R Us and found the water fun section. At the time CPS' were in their height and several were available (before condemning the Pryzants for their poor choice keep in mind that they were just younglings):

  • Splashzooka
  • CPS 1200
  • Monster X
  • Monster XL
  • CPS 3000

Upon careful consideration Evan decided that he wanted the Splashzooka. Reid naturally wanted the Monster XL but his mother would not allow it so he wanted to follow Evan and get the Splashzooka as well. Evan wisely tried to convince Reid otherwise in order to diversify their arsenal, however Reid wouldn't consent. They both got CPS Splashzooka's that day.


The Splashzookas served them well and were constent companions. As the Blank Club grew the Founders thought that they needed a Club Guard and the Splashzookas were used for that purpose.


Although the Splashzookas never broke the QFDs (quick fill device used to load the Splashzooka) snapped and were no longer useable. The Pryzants searched for replacement QFDs but none were to be found. They hung the Splashzookas up and they were not taken down until...


Joey Horgan found QFDs while rummaging though the W's basement. He knew the Pryzants problem and brought both of them back to the Pryzants. The Splashzookas now are used in urban battles and work just as well as the day they were bought.


The Splashzooka has an very good range and decent tank size but the two main bonuses are that:

  1. The shape is very comfortable
  2. No need to pump

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