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This article highlights one of the many perks of the Alternate Universe, and as such does not mesh with the Blank universe too well. Please keep this into consideration.

The Socialists are a major power in the grim Alternate Universe. Retaining few of the values of the actual socialist party, the Socialists are a brutal, expansive regieme which controls a good deal of the "civilized" world.



The Socialist history is long and complicated, laced with blood and destruction. Rising from a small political party, they have now become the most powerful faction on the planet.

The Dakari Stranglehold and the Early Years

During the later years of the Dakari reign on Earth, the Socialist Party began as a small political uprising in Moscow. Under the waining rule of Lord Cerventes, the military was spread too thin and was unable to put down the insurgency. This proved fatal, as the Socialists were able to seize the capital, launching Russia into civil war. However, the Dakari faction was very weak, for the populous did not want to support their brutal masters, instead mostly siding with the party who promised to bring new light to the dark Dakari world.

The Coup

Seizing control of the weakened government due to years of Dakari rule, the Socialists quickly brought order to the country, and brought their leader, an arcane political puppet master who was, and still is, only known as the Imperator.

The Ascension

By 217 DA, Russia had become the most dominant country in the region under the leadership of the Imperator. The Imperator then put his plan for regional domination in action. Easily winning the support of the Russian people, the Socialists launched invasions into France and their neighbor, Ireland. Many other powerful nations, such as England, China, and the United States (which was now crumbling under the stress of governmental corruption and a economic landslide) opposed this unforseen attack, trying unsuccesfully to put the failing U.N to work against the radical New Soviets. However, as the bureaucracy of the other powers continued, England continued to drive a sharp pike into Western Europe, quickly decimating the French and Polish armies in a blitzkrieg war. Germany decided to collaberate with England, a move that would prove fatal to non- Socialist Europe. Russia would also quickly decimate the puny English resistance, a product of crumbling conditions in the country. However, it was caught off guard by the heavy resistance in Ireland and the unbelievable casualities they would suffer in campaigns there. Russia decided to stop reinforcing armies on the island, causing the Irish to destroy the Russian presence on the island. By 220 DA, the F.D.A coup had taken place in the United States, reforming their posistion as a major power. However, by this time, it was too late. The Socialists had taken control of all of Europe except for Ireland and Scandinavia, which had been reinforced by their Icelandic allies.

Socialist Expansion Today

After the Ascension, the Socialists had little problems expanding into

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