Rules and Regulations of the Blank Club

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The Blank Club has some rules that hold the beautiful organization together. Therefore, the need for the following regulations:

  1. Those who secede from the Blank Club are bad. Therefore, if you defect from the organization, we will probably start a war against you, or you will be beaten in the beating chair.
  2. Love thy Creature. Creature is the mascot/deity of Blank, and is not to be reckoned with. If you bad- mouth and/or belittle the importance of Creature, you will find yourself the next day in a remote corner of the earth, about to be eaten by legions of gila monsters.
  3. Blank members are expected to know much lore about the Blank Club. You will be tested.
  4. Regulations for electing new members
    1. Candidate must show interest in becoming member
    2. Candidate must be reviewed by senior members. (1+ years)
    3. If candidate is approved, he will be quizzed in manners of Blankness
    4. Candidate's membership is voted on by senior members
    5. Candidate is member. Membership ceremony is during Springy Thingy
  5. Regulations for disposing of members
    1. Member must do something that offends and/or disrupts Blank Club
    2. Criminal pleads case (next to nonexistent)
    3. Members vote on dismissal of criminal member
    4. If guilty, member is expelled. Curses on member all around
    5. All evidence of this member is destroyed
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