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Rugby Racing is the Official Sport of the Blank Club. Rugby Racing is played by riding down Evan Pryzant's driveway on skateboards. The object of the game is to get to the bottom first. Rugby Racing is fast- paced, and quite violent due to the rule in which racers are allowed to push, shove, hijack boards, swipe, and otherwise disrupt the ride of an opponent racer.



Rugby Racing started in the early life as a game played by racing down the hill with those Fisher- Price red and yellow cars (you know what I mean) belonging to Evan's sister. This game was very dangerous, especially for larger racers due to the unstableness of the cars. This resulted in many injuries involving careening down a steep hill with a baby car, quite a site indeed. One of the most notable of the early vehicles was the Speedster, a baby fire- truck that reach alarmingly slow speeds at an alarming dangerous rate. The Speedster was destroyed in action, and I mean totalled.

Modern Day

The modern Rugby Racing is placed using skateboards in which you sit on. This adds more safety, more speed, and better turning than their toy counterparts. The sport is still thriving and fun, and injuries still ensure.

Famous Boards


When in a race you must get in a line on top of a large paved hill. Make sure it's not too steep; remember, it is Rugby Racing, but too many casualties will result in no Racing. When a designated judge/random person yellsâ "Go!" everyone immediately begins pushing themselves off to gain momentum. The beginning is often the most violent part, with hitting and shoving being common. After racers have built up speed they will go down the hill. In the end, each racer gets a place. In Blank tournaments, the one with the lowest number in a set number of races win. Here is where technique comes in play, and in different classes.


  • Speed Demons: These racers want the win, and keep on going strait and constantly push.
  • Predators: These racers love the fresh kill, and will attack all racers, using trickery, turning, and violence to thwart them. Winning doesn't mean too much to these people. Plebeians: These racers in- between, using a balance of speed and attacking in mid-race.
  • Unskilled Fools: These racers have no skills, and usually are prime targets for Predators.
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