Reincarnation Machine

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The reincarnation machine is a Deuce ex Machina if you will (I've always wanted to use that term in context.) If you don’t know what that means, it is an easy way out of a dilemma in a story, like magically bring a main character back to life. Indeed, the Reincarnation Machine is this, because in many Blank stories, most notably the Adventures of Astro Bunny, the Reincarnation Machine was used to bring people back to life. It is widely believed that Mr. Q invented the Reincarnation Machine, but because many super- villains wish to destroy it, it is kept secret and never appears in any press conferences. In the Adventures of Astro Bunny, Astro Bunny would be reincarnated every episode #9 annihilates him, which is all the time. In one episode, #9 destroys the Reincarnation Machine, but it is reincarnated by another Reincarnation Machine, which reincarnates Astro Bunny. This sentence has the record for the largest use of the word reincarnate a large feat indeed. Anyway, the Reincarnation Machine is in short a stupid thing to keep our characters alive and get ourselves out of plot holes.

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