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Pour Joey was a response to Joe Horgan's elvish love poem.

The note Joey recieved from OF #4



Like most of Joey's miserable failures, Pour Joey began as a high stakes match (see Joey Horgan - Golden Eye Incident, naturally between Evan and Joey. Of course Evan had a very large handicap and Joey had a very small handicap (surprisingly not due to Evan’s questionable habit of cheating), consequently Evan won so Joey had to write a love poem to Old Flame #4 in elvish (a language in Lord of the Rings).

He gave this to her during the dance and the next day Joey got a reply/rejection letter back in French.


There are several points which remain a mystery.

  • First, how did OF #4 realize that this poem in some made up language was at all related to Joey liking her?
  • Second, why did Joey like OF #4?
  • Third, why did (for a very brief time) OF #4 like Evan during 6th grade? (sorry that was really random)
  • Lastly, what did the poem say?
    • This is the most controversal topic relating to Pour Joey. After recieving the poem OF #4's friend/passerby ripped it to shreds and throw it into the trash, ruining Evan's plan to translate it and hold it as blackmail. Nobody but Joey truly knowns what was writtin and he has hinted at it only once saying: "Jeez, what was I thinking! Why and HOW did I ever write something so sappy..."


For a brief period in Joey's life he wanted to write a memoir (see Starting but Never Finishing). This memoir was, as annouced in the offical press release, Pour Joey. Any literate Blank Club member can see the double entendre meaning both Pour Joey and poor Joey.

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