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20 - What does Joey do in his spare time?

Something stupid with 9/31 votes

9 - Do you think that Joey's tentative team will be good in time for battle?

Yes with 4/5 votes


30 - Which offically awesome person is your favorite?

Jim with 3/5 votes

29 - Which poll style do you like better?

This new version with 4/5 votes

27 - What characters should occupy the last two statue spaces in the Archives coverpage?

FDFS Lance with 4/17 votes

24 - If you ask Bannus a question, what percent of the time will he answer with gibberish?

20-40% with 6/7 votes

22 - How bad is Evan's spelling?

Just Plane Atroshous with 4/5 votes

21 - Which Blank Club icon would win in a steel cage death match?

Matrix Man with 8/15 votes

19 - When do you think the first Super Soaker battle will be?

Early April with 4/7 votes

16 - What would you most like to see revived/vived as a game?

Pac- Creature with 4/11 votes

13 - What do you think we should do in Europe this summer?

Super soaker campaigns with 4/12 votes

10 - How many more flames do you think Joey will have by the end of this school year?

0 more with 4/9 votes

7 - What would you most like worked on/completed?

The Epic Story with 5/7 votes

5 - When will the Epic Story be finished?

Too far into the future to comprehend with 4/9 votes

1 - What is your favorite natural wonder in Europe?

The de-militarized zone with 3/6 votes


27 - What is your favorite Creature?

Pac- Creature with 4/13 votes

23 - Which is your favorite Blank Club Movie star?

Evil Enemy #9 with 4/7 votes

17 - Which is your favorite Blank Club Encyclopedia?

The current wiki with 2/3 votes

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