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Phrases and Sayings are very important to the Blank Club. Here is a collection of some of them.

Blankquote has a collection of quotations related to:
  • "You're a bit too frisky, for your own good" B.B and J.A
  • "That's what they all say...right after they die!" E.P
  • "Wait...they get candy, and we don't" L.B
  • "You must be thinking you was a squirrel" B.V.D.K
  • "Behold...Macbeth's CROSSING!" Astro Bunny
  • "Violence is not the option" Anonymous
  • "I love calling people by their first name's" Joey Horgan (foolish phrase)
  • "The answer by friend, is blowing in the wind" Evan Pryzant
  • "Hey Hill'...what's killin' bill" Joey Horgan (foolish phrase)
  • "We are one Blank club...we are one nunnery." Blank Club allegory
  • "Deus Ex Machina...God from the Machine" Bradley Barbour
  • "Hit me up Cher" J.A (describing Joey's Orange Soda/ Cher Hating Personality)
  • "BLING BLING" Blank War cry
  • "Come to my Yacht/ Casino" Multiple People
  • "That's enough to feed Uganda!" Multiple People
  • "I...have arrived" Brad Barbour entering doorway (optional follow up: "...and yes, I am not a hologram.)
  • "Evan is the Gift of a Majgi!?" Evan Pryzant
  • "You must be thinking that you were a squirrel." B.V.D.K
  • "Circle Pines!" Battlefield manuver refering to an obscure MST3k reference about Mary Jo Pehl's hometown
  • "Silence of the Lambs!" B.B
  • "Three whoas (or woes) mixed!" J.H
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