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Pac-Creature is a game played on paper. Originally made in the style of Pac-Man, it has evolved into more of an adventure game with strong influences from the Creature world and Metroid Prime.



A list of major and minor characters in pac-creature games.

Traditional Creature characters

  • Pac- Creature - is a special Creature agent that was sent by King Creature to infiltrate Woofy's mutation facility
  • Woofy - Lord of evil, Woofy is a wolf who seeks nothing more than the destruction of the Creatures
  • Drones - The slave/soldiers that are at Woofy's control
  • Mutants - Through out the games Woofy sends various experiments at pac-creature in an attempt to kill him
  • Large Animals - Woofy also sends various large and ferocious animals at pac-creature

Other characters

  • Evan Pryzant the casino-lord - This is one of the best and most well known bosses in pac-creature (see lower section on the casino level)
  • Child slaves - Evan's child slaves that attack you with their chains. Although these do not have almost any life, they are great in numbers
  • Casino staff - These people man the slot machines and stores in the casino course
  • Zarktonians - Various Evil Enemies


After learning that Woofy is creating genetically altered monsters and machines, fear reigns in Humana. With these, he plans on swiftly eradicating the Creatures. Since an army would never be able to penetrate the fortress of Woofy, they need a special agent to infiltrate the base and destroy the lab. Pac- Creature to the rescue!

The plot takes place shortly after Humana is re- taken by the Creatures in the middle of Creature Novels.


Pac-Creature is played on a sheet of paper. The player is Pac- Creature himself in the game, and controls him through the level, doing lots of cool stuff. The Dungeon Master is the creator, who is all of the enemies and bosses. He also is the scan visor, and the one who does all of the animations. On the paper, a 2- D course is made, with puzzles, enemies, and plenty of traps. The most common setting of a Pac- Creature game is a Drone Mutation/Biochemical facility. This game is not for the foolish, the casual gamers, or the unlearned about the game, due to the excruciatingly hard gameplay and almost unfair loopholes. But don't think this isn't fun. In fact, Pac- Creature is the most unique and popular game played on paper. (Take that, Role- playing fools...) Pac- Creature has a lot of Prime gadgets and play style, like grapple hooks and X- Ray goggles. In the end, there is often a boss that is very hard and kills everyone. Very few beat the big guys, let alone get to them.

50+ Pac- Creature sheets have been made, and they are all made usually out of Brad's boredom. High Score players are Evan and Jesse. For more information about getting a Pac- Creature sheet, please ask Brad.


Items have always been an important part of Pac- Creature. They help you get around, and most importantly, save you from the hidden evils that lurk around.

Invisible Goggles

The IGs are the most important item in the game, because of the fact that there are so many hidden traps waiting to kill you in those pesky narrow passages. There are also used to see invisible items, passages, and surfaces. Use them early and often. Most likened to the X- Ray Visor in Metroid Prime

A picture of the Grapple Hook

Grapple Hook

A rope with a tri- hook at the end, the classic grapple device helps the player get from place to place without burning himself in an invisible inferno, or getting in back of a boss without trying to walk right through him (which usually doesn't work). More like the Hookshot from Legend of Zelda than anything (which begs the question: why is it a grapple hook?) the grapple hook attaches to the many small hooks that dot the landscape. The skilled player will use the grapple to get to many secrets hidden in each level.

Scan Visor

Taken directly from the Metroid Prime series, the scan visor can be called upon by the player at any time. The Dungeon Master will then list as much helpful information as he can about the room in question without ruining any of the "suprises" (for example: "This rock is showing many faults in its surface, and a good detonation could get rid of it in a snap", or "The hookshot can be seen on a pedestal in the center of the room"). The scan visor is an important tool, very useful when you are stuck. In the game of Pac- Creature, where unfairness reigns supreme, the scan visor is a oasis in a vast desert.


The primary weapon of Pac- Creature. The combat system in Pac- Creature has always been trivial, and is mostly luck based, and is almost always a shoot-fest. However, guns are cool, and there are many to choose from. The rule of thumb is this: the weaker the gun, the longer it's going to take to bring down a boss. Since the bosses attack quickly and oftem, taking down a boss in haste is always the best idea, so awesome guns are desired in almost all cases. Some guns have special, useful features.

  • Mini Humana Thunder Launcher: Perfect for destroying armored things, but has a limited ammo capicity (5 shots for each one).
  • Detenator Cannon: Fires lobbed explosives from afar, and is able to destroy parts of the environment.
  • Lazgun: Highly destructive gun that destroys a whole load of stuff in a magnificent explosion, with risk of the shooter, of course.
  • Heavy Pulse Cannon: Destroys machinery effectively, and can shut down many systems and computers.

Main Levels

A recent pac-creature game

Mt. Humana: Recapture

The first level serves as a way to get you used to the game and its workings. In this level, you are just a elite trooper in the Creature Liberty Army, and are sent on a special assignment to destroy the Drone's weapon systems before the Creatures make their grand move.

Lake Humana/Feldspar Hills- Drone Fort System 12

The retreating Drone army makes its way make to its forts in the hills, and along the coast of Lake Humana. Low on men to actually send on the offense, the Creature High Command assigns the newly dubbed Pac- Creature to kill the drone General Obsidian 5, and steal his plans for the construction of a counter to the Creature's greatest military asset: the Zeppelin.

Nouveau Soviet Tundra- Cryo-Research HQ

Woofy's Cyro- Research Facility has been long- standing symbol of fear and Woofy's power in the war. It is said that here, frozen lifeforms captured by the drones are stored until they are needed to perform genetic experiments. Howeverm the worse thing about this place is the fact that 120 Creature prisoners of war were taken here. Not knowing their fate, Pac- Creature's assignment is to ilfiltrate the base, free as many Creatures as he can, disable the workings of the lab, and destroy the prototype "Creature Prime" that is rumored to be here.

Grand Woof Metropolis- Main Base

The crusade has begun, and Pac- Creature infiltrates the main base of the Woofy war machine to sabotage his evil works annd such. This is the level in which most of the action takes place. Pac- Creature fights the technological horrors of the Drone army here, and faces off against the evil Drone Commander.

Grand Woof Metropolis- Mutations Lab

Misery Gorge- Mountain Facility

Mt. Ubuda- Fort Rigweld

Mt. Humana- Final Destination

Gaiden Levels

There have been a few levels made that not in the actual plot of the Pac- Creature Legend.

Macadamia Nut Casino

A strategy guide made to help the average pac-creature player

This level was made in order to fight the Casino Lord Evan. The player fights a number of child slaves, including a variety of mutant child slaves (of course, the Blank Club does not support child slavery, and is not a shoe producer in Cambodia. Please do not sue). Also included are killer slot machines, Evan's personal guard, and lots of conniving traps. This was known as one of the best series of Pac- Creature, and the only known finished Pac- Creature series.

Ancient Egypt

Set in the same world as Joshua. In this, Pac- Creature fights the West Nile Scarab, navigates INSANE TRAP- LAYERED CATACOMBS OF THE DAMNED (seriously, those were pain- inducing...), and other cool Egyptian stuff. This series had one really good lever (see INSANE TRAP- LAYERED CATACOMBS OF THE DAMNED), but still never really took off.

Zarkton Biochemical Research Facility 65

Set in the same world as Planets and their Habitats. In this, Pac- Creature goes back to its roots and takes on the legions of Zarktonian troopers in the sinister science facilities of Zarkton- 5. This series is still in production, and has lead to some of the coolest Pac- Creature levels to date. A very good series indeed, do to the amount of content that can still work its way into it.

Bonus Levels

Famous in Pac- Creature lore is the many "Bonus Levels" that dot its history. Bonus levels are the hardest levels in the entire game, raising the difficulty to impossibility. Unfair occurences, random deaths, and insane requirements to finish the level are nothing uncommon in Bonus Levels. The most renown Bonus Level ever is "Humana Core", in which one had to say a random password to get through a booby trapped door, navigate a rapidly dissolving dungeon, and see invisible passages without the Invisible Goggles.

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