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An image of an overlimit in Tales of Symphonia

Overlimit is the recently dubbed title for Joey Horgan's blood rages.




During an overlimit Joey seems to become super-human. Only during an overlimit can he:

  • Run faster then most Blank Club members
  • Ignore all physical pain
  • Make incredible leaps of faith (jumps)
  • Yell really loud


No matter how powerful the overlimit is it can be it is very tiring for Joey to do and can only be started by some event or words that anger Joey to the point of extreme overlimit mode.


Some of the few recorded overlimits have been:


Due to some experiments that Bannus and Brad did during an overlimit, it was discovered that Joey only has enough stamina to maintain an overlimit for 15 seconds. After this period of super-human strength Joey's health deteriorates quickly and he normally collapses onto the ground near dead.


Joey in overlimit is bad news...stay away from overlimit Joey.

Other types of overlimits

Joey isn't the only person who can go into an overlimit...

Tweed Overlimit

Ben Tweed has gone into overlimit mode on several occasions, most notably during the one semi-successful incursion into enemy territory in the Second Great War, as well as basically any time anyone's ever pissed him off real bad. There are several distinct types of overlimits attainable by Ben.

Alpha Overlimit (Normal type overlimit)

This is exactly what one would expect an overlimit to be: more or less exactly the same as one of Joey's, except a good deal longer. Aftereffects from an Alpha Overlimit (ie grudges against the person who triggered the overlimit) can sometimes last much longer than normally.

Beta Overlimit (Intensity Overlimit)

This is a little different from an Alpha Overlimit in that Ben can go into a Beta Overlimit basically whenever he's getting really intense about something. Ben actually gets a bizarre level of enjoyment from going into Beta Overlimit mode, because it allows him to:

  • Work much faster than normal
  • Be wicked, wicked intense about random things
  • Sometimes it helps him fire other people up about things, which is fun to do, especially when it's really worth the effort.

Gamma Overlimit (Manually triggered overlimit)

In recent years, Ben has shown the ability to, by thinking real hard about it for 30 seconds to a minute, send himself into a state resembling an Alpha or Beta Overlimit of slightly reduced intensity. This is cool.

Delta Overlimit (Nose Overlimit)

Hitting (or sometimes just touching) the bridge of Ben's nose will sometimes (somewhere in between 2/5 to 7/10 probability) send him into a modified Alpha Overlimit of tenfold intensity and drastically shortened duration.

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