Northwest Passage War

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The Northwest Passage War was a brutal struggle that took place from 62 to 65 DF (Dakari Fall) that consumed the Alaskan region in full-scale war between all major factions on Earth.


The Beginnings

F.D.A Maneuvers

After the fall of the Dakari regieme, the F.D.A maintained weak control over the hitherlands of Canada and Alaska, which were too far away to successfully govern. Mountain Felons were gaining greater control over the wilderness, and regional governor Stevens IV called for more troops to enforce F.D.A rule. In a controversial move that many say was the worst mistake of the war, the F.D.A approved the moving of 60% of the 3rd Border Guard Infantry, who protected the F.D.A's western flank from Socialist East Russia, into several felon- threatened districts all over the vast lands to maintain control.

Socialist Maneuvers

Jubilant over the weakening of the tough border guard, the Socialists quickly put plans of attack into action. Lead by the newly appointed Lord Alexander II, the Socialists were gaining lost power, and Alexander wished to bring them back to the power they enjoyed at the apex of their control. Calling forth three divisions of the Artic Guard, Alexander gave Socialist Commander Count Ivan command of the legions, and sent the army off to the border. Supplementing the army were 4 Keynesian Technocrats, the largest concentration of the deadly soldiers ever recorded.

Pirate Maneuvers

After a disputed assassination attempt on Tituba in her sleep 3 months before the war, her cult and her Pirate followers were suspicious about who could have done such a thing. For 2 months, Tituba would not say anything, telling only her most faithful bodyguards that she was "healing". Finally, she emerged from her enclave, with startling news: the F.D.A had been the ones who had tried to kill her (a statement that the F.D.A feverently denies). Tituba called upon her legions to bring the magicks and hammer of Tituba down upon her "betrayers". With great energy, her pirates and cultists mobilized their fleets, ane sailed towards the western United States, and towards Canada and Alaska. Although the fleet bound to the United States was intercepted by a destroyer squad and destroyed, the majority of pirates, bound to Alaska and Canada, landed and began their furious raid upon the mainland. Hearing of the action taking place, several independant pirate hordes also made their way towards the battle lands, hoping for the plunder that war brings.

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