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9-7-06 (GS) Due to a divine revelation, I have decided to work on a ton of articles and the epic story in a spree that I can promise you will last at least unti Friday. If you have any special article requests, please contact my desk. Oh yeah, and my Villians of Blank commemorative special edition drawings. I will start scanning them and attaching pictures of each villian to his respective article, because these are by far the best editions of them you'll see to date. Great stuff.

9-5-06 (GS) You're forever welcome, Valerie. I actually did this so the BCE wouldn't be shut down by Dr. D's mom, who is currently going on a burning crusade against giving personal information. It was mostly a favor to Joey, if anything. But you know what? I guess I DID make the BCE a safer place. They should call be Officer Subwoofer, Defender of the Innocent! And I thought you would enjoy my 1984- style removal of some articles/ passages. I also thought you'd enjoy Evansville. It's a win- win- win situation!

9-4-06 It appears that Bradley had time to actually work on the encyclopedia AND systematically censor the entire Blank Club Encyclopedia! Isn't he the worse

best member ever? On behalf of the only administrator here, curse you

thank you Bradley for making the BCE a dumb

safer place. In other news... oh, jeez, I can't even think about the matter at hand without being bombarded with thoughts of Brad's idiocy and stupidity

heroics and valor. Promotions, anyone?


7-18-06 (GS) Don't think that the Blank Club Encyclopedia is dead! It's just that the summer is the busiest time for Blank Club members, and when we aren't doing camps or activities, we're doing Blank stuff and making history! For instance, after the rebirth of Kopak Films, much of the Blank Club has been busy at work making movies and taking names! Check out the Kopak Films article for information on our current dealings. I, as the honorable and amazing General Subwoofer, Co- Founder and Generalissimo of the Blank Club, will not let our fair organization down. I will continue updating this noble endevour, even if no one else does.


5-30-06 After a month of inability to access because of haxorz, it seems the site is back up for now.

5-5-06 , or the Blank Biannual Bonanza, is upon us! Rumors are abounding and sparks are flying as the claims come in. Currently, the press is in a frenzy over a source's claim that a Creature redesign is coming. This rumor unfounded as of now. I'll keep you posted.


4-9-06 I (Bannus) uploaded a "painted" version of the Foxtrot in today's Sunday paper. See here. I also was bored and did a very crude estimate at the amount of words in the BCE and came out with a conservative estimate of 48000 words. Sound about right?

4-7-06 I switched back to the old poll because the new version isn't working. Bannus, please make a php flash poll layout for us. If that doesn't work then I'll look around for another poll host. For now we have to use this.

4-4-06 Reid will be auditioning for B.U.R.N_Clan saturday at 3 PM. Wish him good luck!

4-1-06 Not quite a nightly update, eh? Anyway how'd you like the April fools joke? Pretty funny, huh?


3-14-06 I got all of the html to work except the poll. That will be coming shortly. The only way that I could get it to work was to protect the pages that they were on. So now Template:poll, Adventures of Astro Bunny, Dodecahedron of Love, Europe, Songs, and the Main Page are all protected. If you want to edit them then paste the editted version on the talk page and I will put it on the real page. Once again sorry.

3-12-06 We have only used 2<m>1/2</m> megabytes out of the 25 we have. Make sure to include pictures wherever possible but DON'T just but random pictures for the heck of it and DON'T put huge 1000 x 1000 pictures, still compress.

3-9-06 I tried the same css style as Memory Alpha. I personally hate it but it is really cool that I can change the color scheme. Tell me what color scheme you think the BCE should be in the Requests discussion page. I'm going to keep the style like this for a bit, sorry about your eyes.

3-6-06 Yomber all! I have not done a nightly update recently but I have still been working on the BCE. Check out The Adventures of Astro Bunny, I embedded quicktime into the article.

3-8-06 Sorry guys but all <rtml> tags are down. That means that flash, polls, and quicktime will not be appearing. Don't delete the Various Coding that you will see on pages. It will be back up soon.


2-21-06 Just a friendly reminder that I (Evan) am still alive and kicking. Please, I beg of you, work on Blankquote. Also Brad WORK ON THE EPIC STORY YOU SLACKER!

2-18-06 Almost every night at about 9:00ish (your time) I'll be on g-chat. Please keep me up to date with Evansville events my g-chat or through current events page on the BCE.

2-17-06 Hi y'all, its Evan talkin' to y'all from the south, New Orleans. My grandparent's neighbors have wi-fi that I can leach off of. I have put up a sketchy, but working poll on our front page, enjoy!

2-16-06 Please work on Blankquote. It is in dire need of assistence as Joey is too busy "going outside, getting a life, and getting a girlfriend" (see Jayspeak).

2-8-06 Some news: Bannus is planning on doing an animated Astro Bunny comic, Brad (after a year long sabatical) has returned to create some Pac-Creatures.

2-5-06 We can upload images and files. Go to Special:Upload on the side bar toolbox and image...image...image. Make sure to use [[Image:______|thumb|right or left|Description]] format. Keep in mind that we only have 25 mb of space so use descretion when putting pictures on.

2-3-06 All done switching servers. Uber-huzzah! Please wherever and whenever possible place into categories and use templates.

2-2-06 BCE has begun the process of switching wikis. Huzzah!

2-1-06 Blank Club Encyclopedia should very soon be getting a poll. Zach is coding a javascript poll for use to use, should be up by end of the week.


1-31-06 Articles are at their peak but we still are in desperate need of pictures. Only upload them if we need something badly and it is purely Blank related, otherwise link to outside pictures. Zach has coded in order to have text wrap pictures.

1-29-06 Yomber everybody, I'm back. Since Brad is working diligently on various articles and various EPIC STORIES. I can't be showed up on Blank work by Brad so I'm going to start working on a few things. First, although the articles are great we are severly lacking pictures so I'm going to work on that, don't worry I will not fill up all...10 megabytes of space [laughter in the background]. Second, if I'm feeling extra silly I might even work on CreatureCorner some.

1-26-06 Twas a busy night. Not much updates, although we are working on an EPIC new article, the Aicher v Pryzant Tribunal. It really needs help, though. Also, we NEED a scan of the list of offenses made by Jesse that Evan made yonder ago. Or, if Evan has it on his computer, we can wiki-fy it, and that will be even better. One last thing: WELCOME BACK EVAN! I hope you like all the work we've done while you were gone. I guess that means I have to give control back to you, though. (sigh). Oh well. It was fun moderating the site while I could...

1-25-06 You know that saying about a well oiled machine. Well that's the Blank Club. We're crankin' baby! Anyway, we have a brand new, unforseen article, Blank Club Song Lyrics. Also, a crazy new sidebar has arrived! Sweetness!

1-24-06 Some timely updates and edits, mostly to the front page. Cleanliness is Godliness, as they say...

1-23-06 Sir John and Starting but Never Finishing created. First update of the NEW YEAR! Please help with any suggestions for projects that have been started but never finished



12-16-05 Brad actually worked on the Epic Story! He rewrote half of the second chapter (I'm not even joking.)

12-14-05 People are working on stuff like The Great Bling War. Help is needed in List of Bling War participants...

12-12-05 No new articles for 3 days! Antihuzzah!

12-11-05 Ahhhhhhuhh...

12-10-05 Duhhwwwwwuuuu...

12-9-05 Aaawwwwerrrr...

12-8-05 Bradley has finally worked on an article (Cher), Huzzah!

12-7-05 Some new articles and the Main Page gets a face lift. Huzzah!

12-6-05 Just 24 hours and 66 articles! At this rate, there will be 24,090 articles this time next year! Also, the main skeleton of the site is coming together and should be opening to mass editing by at latest 12-8.

12-5-05 Encyclopedia Initiative reinstated and Blank Club Online Encyclopedia founded.

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