National Reminiscing Hour

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National Reminiscing Hour is was hour observed every day from 2:53-3:53 when Joe reminisced about flames of old, (see Old Flames) awkward moments and everything in between.


One Friday the 13th in February, on the bus ride home when Joe had been complaining and reminiscing shortly after being rejected for the fourth time in one year, Evan Pryzant came up with an idea. He decided that everyday at 2:53 from then on would be known as national reminiscing hour, and it was. And there was much rejoicing.

Peak and Decline

By 2004, National Reminiscing Hour had grown into the most (and only) widely observed reminiscing hour on Bus 14. People came from all around to hear Joe reminisce about the days of old, and laugh at him. The hour was observed until the beginning of 2005, when either Joe stopped whining or just plain forgot. No-one really cares at this point and the hour is as of now but an arguably good memory.

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