Nail Trees

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Nail Trees is an arcane tradition that the Blank Club made up a long time ago. Nail trees are planted every fall during The Scowering of the Saplings, and bloom every Springy Thingy. Nail trees are nails that are placed in the ground in HQ. It sounds weird, but hey, it's tradition! In the fall, we usually find the nails on the side of the road. These trees are then planted, thus starting the season. The nail trees are a very joyous, tradition- bound, mysterious activity. The Springy Things of '05 harvested a bizzarely large amount of nails.


One brisk fall morn when the Blank Club members Brad, Luke and Evan were walking home from the bus stop they saw some strange objects scattered on the ground, which were discovered to be nails. There were nails carpeting Eureka Road, which was quite intriguing to the kids. This posse began gathering handfulls of nails and planting them on the side of the road.

That spring, the Blank Club found the same nails in the same spot.

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