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Over the years (particularly throughout 6th and early 7th Grade the Blank Club and afilliates made various movies.



  • Crapola Films was started by Dr. D back in the days of Condorware. E-List movies such as The Reject Series and other stop-motion lego animations were the focus of the company, although the realm of computer animation was attempted with bottom-of-the-line Microsoft GIF animator (the attempts obviously failed and were not retried until months later when the Blank Club age of Flash began.
  • Today, no new movies have been produced since 7th grade. There have been talks to possibly create new movies and re-make some classics with Flash. It is not clear if a new company would be created, if the creations would just go under the Blank Club label or if Kopak Films and/or Crapola Films would be re-formed.
    • Kopak Films has found that Bradley Barbour has a camera in his posession and has started up three projects since that discovery.



Crapola Films

Kopak Films

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