Monster X

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Monster X
File:Monster X.jpg
Owners Currently in limbo
Age  ?
Condition Excellent, with very little marks to speak of
Affiliation Currently in limbo

The Monster X, also known as the Baig Juicer, is a heavy blaster acquired in the Winter of 2006, also known as the Nukl3@r Wint3r (see Orly Factor). The Monster X came used in perfect condition, and was bought in a Joint- Stock deal between General Subwoofer, Dr. D, Levenbreech Vor, and Bannus Van der Kloot. In the days following the purchase, Bannus and Vor pulled out, and D also thinks of bestowing the gun upon Subwoofer for him alone. The Baig Juicer is yet to be in a full- scale battle, but fools will rue the day when it enters the frey.

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