Mercenary Guild

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The Mercenary Guild is a branch of the United Soaker Federation which consists of highly competant but largely autonomous fighters. As the only prerequisites are above- average skill and non- membership with an organized team (which there currently one of), there is quite a few enrolled in the Guild. Although well- respected for their skills, the Mercenary guildsmen are notorious for their unorganization, as well as a nasty habit of turncoating for fun, or to the highest bidder (see 3rd Battle of the Watershed for a prime example of these sterotypes).

Current Members of the Guild

As the Guild is not a team by definition, the following do not usually work together, except if under circumstances in which they have been placed on the same team.

  • Jesse Aicher
  • Chip Clement
  • Tim Myers
  • Alex Jackson
  • Probably some others that the author has forgot
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