Manual of Style

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Welcome to the Manual of Style. This is an example of a good article. It should have a reasonable opening paragraph, explaining briefly what the topic is. Don't forget to include and bold ('''bold text''') the title of the article in the first paragraph.



Preferably, the article should have 3 or more sections. Obviously, if there is not enough information for a topic, you shouldn't just make some up, but what this prevents is a huge block of text.


Use links as frequently as possible, but don't repeat. For example, if I were talking about Evan I would only link once and I would not link to Evan again.

Other stylistic things

Grammar and spelling mistakes are a big mistake. Always be sure an article is error free. Also, you can beautify articles with sublinks:


Ants are awesome!


Bees are the best!

Killer bees



Cats are contagious! That makes no sense!

Finally, don't forget to use bulleted lists when necessary:

  • Don't
  • Forget
  • To use
  • These
    • If
    • Need
    • Be
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