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Dougald Charles Angus Macgillivray is an ejected Blank Club member whom served for less than 2 years.


Early Times

Doug began sitting with the Blank Club in 5th Grade. After some months, Doug was tested and voted into the Blank Club officially during the Springy Thingy. Doug served well and seemed like a hopeful member.

The Golden Years

Doug's pride was during the Golden Age of the Blank Club in 6th Grade, where everything was happy, and we had a thriving economy stick. Ah, the memories...Sorry, I got a little off- track there. Anyway, Doug was a moderately important member who had some voice in the politics of the club. Doug invented Astro Bunny (character) during this time.

The Dark Ages

All good things must come to an end, and so did Doug's affiliation with the Blank Club. Slowly Doug decided to join a new group of people and began not talking to the Blank Club. Scorn and ill will was abundant towards the traitor, and talk of ejection from the Blank Club was talked about. Numerous peace treaties were proposed by the Blank Club to Doug, but they were left unheeded. Soon an ejection was made, and Doug was stripped of all his past ranks and merits in accordence with the Rules and Regulations of the Blank Club.


Relations between Doug and the Blank Club are neutral nowadays, and have mostly improved. Today, Doug sometimes works with us on projects. He is now attending Cheverus and is not involved with the Blank Club.

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