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Brief Synopsis

Joshua: The Reincarnation usually refers to the game created by General Subwoofer and Dr. D (Aughblooba Industries) in 6th Grade. Although never completed, it did fuel the Aughblooba movement, and paved the way for a character off some importance in Blank Lore

The Game


Joshua, a young archer in an Egyptian town, goes on an epic quest to rescue his sister from the evil Rammasses III, who kidnapped her for money. The game shows his many adventures through the world, toppling Rammasses' empire in 7 exciting levels!


Joshua is a simple platformer. Joshua can walk, shoot and jump. The battles were very simple, and the puzzles were as well. So were the graphics. Actually, everything in the game is simple. Arrows are fired at enemies to kill them.


Currently, Joshua is a standstill in developement. Progress stopped on the first half of the first level. Only a single battle with a guard and a flaming staircase section was finished. This is strange, because great work went into planning the game. Must be the old "start but never finish" tendency that Subwoofer and Dr. D have. (see Start but Never Finish tendency that the entire Blank Club has.)

Public Response

The public had great interest in Joshua. However, since the public mostly consists of 4 people to the Blank Club, this fact can be disputed widely.


Kopak Films gave Joshua a 4.1 out of 5. Kopak Films is a subsidiary of the Blank Club

Joshua: The Play


Same as the game


Joshua- General Subwoofer

Rammasses III- Neo

West Nile Scarb- General Seth of Renais

Joshua's Sister- Alexander the Great


1st Showing- Mrs. Albury's 6th Grade Class

When will the play reach (insert town here)?

Inquire at the desk. For right now, the play is on break.

Fun Facts

The play had a Huge ad campaign.

Public Response

Most people got weirded out by it.

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