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Pronounciation Jā spēk
Spoken in: Band Class and other places
Total Confirmed Speakers: 4-5 (in different dialects), likely more
World Ranking: 300,345,431 as a native language (in a near tie with middle-erganutholian)
Official Language of: 1 person
Regulated by: no official regulation

Jayspeak is a language derived off of standard english for the use of common peasnts who have a hard time grasping standard english conventions and common grammar. It is also commonly used amoung those who live in very dark places where they don't teach spelling, grammar, logic, reasoning…etc. It is the 300,345,431st most used language in the world, ranking alongside Middle-Erganutholian, Tholoxioratinish and French.


Sentence Structure

Blankquote has a collection of quotations related to:

A typical Jayspeak sentenced is structured the same way a normal english sentence would be structured, only demorphed beyond recognition with the use of racial slurs, sexual inuendo and cliched insults. An example of a commonly used structure would be:

  • Hey *insert name here*, stop being such a *insert homosexual remark* *insert racial slur*!

which comes out as:

  • Hey Brad, stop being such a gay dirty mexy!

Common Vocabulary

Common vocabulary of Jayspeak include"


  • Mexican
  • Mexy
  • Homo


  • Dirty
  • Stupid
  • Goddamn
  • *ucking
  • Gay

Nouns used as Adjectives

  • Mexy

Adjectives used as Nouns

  • Dumb


The usage and users of Jayspeak are often hot topics during Blank Club discussions, as users of Jayspeak and key members such as Barbour, Bradley are often on sketchy terms. Many Blank members refuse to recognize Jayspeak as an offiacial language and some refuse to recognize the users of the language as humans. The tension builds day to day and will probably reach dangerous levels sometime later this month.

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