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Physical Geography

Rocky Road

An image of a rusted car that can be seen on the Rocky Road


Physical Geography

Loland is largely a large, forested plateau. It is mainly flat, though some hills exist near to the capital area.


The Capital

The capital of Loland consists of a small area surrounded on three sides by steep hills, the Joshua Tree, and Fort ______________.

The Trans-Lolandic Highway

The Trans-Lolandic Highway may be the best kept road in the whole of Europe. It is a modern engineering marvel.


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Iceland is a legendary land found by Bannus, Brad, and Joey on February 18, 2005 on the LOL Expedition. Iceland shares borders with Loland [see above], intersecting at the massive Berlin Wall. Iceland is known as the most geographically impressive land in the Falmouth region, as is, to date, the greatest discovery made by the Blank Club.

Physical Geography

Iceland can be summed up as a craggy wood. The rocky, steep slopes are quite impressive, as are the water sources that dot the land. As one exits Loland and walks along the watch ramparts of the Berlin Wall, it is evident that this is a special place.


The Berlin Wall

Often called the most starling and magestic of the many wonders of Iceland, the Berlin Wall is a huge wall-like formation of rock that lies upon the near summit of the hill. The Berlin Wall is strange as it is not off of the ground, like most walls, but built into the hill, like the rock faces on the sides of highways. Those rock "walls" were originally part of the mountain or hill the highway is going through, but were blown away to make way for the road. The Berlin Wall, however, is natural, and feels very real as one walks through Iceland. The Berlin Wall reaches 18 feet at its tallest point. One can easily get to the Wall, because a path goes along the top of it, and gradually climbs until one reaches the highest point. The Berlin Wall was the first natural wonder to be discovered in Iceland, as it is on the border of Loland and Iceland. It is appropriately named, as it seperates the two lands, much like East and West Germany were divided post-World War II.

The Great Ravine

The Great Ravine was the second wonder discovered in Iceland. It contains the last 200 feet of the U2, and ends at Zoo station. Iceland's capital overlooks the ravine from the North. The sides of the ravine are inexplicably steep, and at its highest point the ravine is 50 feet deep. From Zoo station, at the bottom of the ravine, one can enjoy veiws of Iceland's main river, the Bends.

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