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Flashback was a late '80s pop band who is generally known for their feud with the Orly Factor, and their popular yet short- lived single Flashback.

Controversy with the Orly Factor

In the late '80s, when the Orly Factor began their road to popularity, Yanni stated in a press conference that Flashback were "talentless hacks", that "have been clinging to life for far too long". Yanni also mocked their cookie- cutter songs, even going as far as saying that they were all the same (many historians have recently said that this statement is indeed factual). In a lashing response, Flashback caused chaos in the musical world by denouncing the Orly Factor, and called for a duel. On May 29, 1989, the two bands clashed in an Eastern European showdown tour that had its grand finale in Budapest, where Master Chief killed 4 out of 6 members of the band with the palsma rifle. Due to shifty legal practices in Hungary at the time, Master Chief was not held responsible, and the Orly Factor went on to great fame and fortune, writing most of your favorite hits during the '90s.


The band only has two surviving members. John Donahue has created a lengthy police record for himself after the breakup. He is now being held in jail for carrying a plauge. Luke Barbour's whereabouts are currently unknown.


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