FDFS Lance in real life

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FDFS Lance in the real world

The logo of FDFS Lance

FDFS Lance is a slightly sketchy organization that is an ungoing joke/horror story that evolved from a graph made at Luke and Brad's camp at Moosehead Lake.


One day when Evan was at the Camp, Luke decided to go with his parents to golf. Bradley and Evan were left at the house and quickly became bored. Although they had Bradley's computer to play with their were no games so they began to play with Microsoft Excel. They created several nonsensical graphs and Bradley entitled them "FDFS Lance".

A modern artist interpretation of the original FDFS Lance graph

Note: To this day no Blank Club member has been able to find out why Bradley picked that name

After playing with Excel for a while Evan and Brad turned to making humorous recipes and baby-sitting directions with pre-made Microsoft programs. One of the baby-sitting instructions was particularly ominous as it included many references to FDFS Lance.


As FDFS Lance made its way out of the laptop and to the mainstream it grew and created quite a reputation. Bradley, through various stories, newspaper articles, and other media, created the uber-secret organization that is now FDFS Lance.

List of things made about FDFS Lance

  • Set of emails between "The Big Four"
  • Before and after FDFS editing newspaper articles
  • Dictations by a renegade FDFS Lance executive
  • Various pictures
  • A FDFS Lance computer interface (see Starting but Never Finishing)
  • A FDFS Lance website
  • A (humorous?) depiction of FDFS Lance's space satellite fighting against other countries (note: this is non- canon to the FDFS universe, and is generally not accepted by most historians, as it was also made by a non- Blank Club member.)
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