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Log Folder 22 – Stockholm Investigation

Log File 0149: Stockholm Base

The following messages were found on a floppy disk, unscathed in the wrechage of a building which caught fire in Stockholm. The building was always thought to be a real estate brokerage, but when our team searched the under stories, we found the disk in a case underneath a pile of broken concrete. The base must have been expansive is was (purposely?) destroyed, the root cause being an internal explosion in the lower levels, ultimately setting fire to the upper stories. No records of the “brokers” remain, and they have disappeared without a trace. Was this the Stockholm Base? If it was, it brings up more questions then it answers…

To: K@StockholmBase.gov From: Q@FDFS_Protection Agency.net

Subject: Urgent

Message: The Hat Bag has been stolen. Your man is totally gone. We can’t pick up his signal anywhere. We suspect that the assistant is responsible. High Command will meet you and all Level 2 and 3 Legends to the detention facility

for briefing on what to do next. I hope you are prepared to explain his actions to you enemies in High Command. Maybe your friends will back you up, maybe they will not. All I know is, with the Hat Bag missing FDFS Lance will be extremely disorderly. I can’t believe it…the Hat Bag…gone…

To: Q@FDFS_Protection Agency.net From: K@StockholmBase.gov

Subject: Are you serious?

Message: This has to be a joke. My assistant would never do this to our cause. Not when we’re so close! I’ll be there in 6 hours.

To: K@StockholmBase.gov From: Q@FDFS_Protection Agency.net

Subject: No joke

Message: Sadly, I'm not kidding. We have also found that files concerning current progress have disappeared. I'm not sure if this is unrelated, but it does bring up concern. This will just escalate the growing suspicion of many conspiracy groups. I sent 3 Defenders to quelch the rumors. The only good thing that happened this whole week is when 1st Defender Ser Rodrik

became a Protector. I am excited to work with him. But I'm getting off topic. Come quick!

Log File 0153: Survivor

Guilt has begun to overcome me the last couple days. Is it my fault that dflksj is gone, that all my comrades have been hunted down by the Mad Dogs of FDFS, the organization that I seek to uncover from its mask of secrecy. Why me? Why am I the only one? Are they purposely trying to torture me? I lie in my bed; wrestling with these terrible thoughts, believing that what I do is pointless. I snap out of it, telling myself to continue. It puts me in the right state of mind. Everyday it gets harder to do that, to snap out of it.

Log File 0155: Mysterious Informant

Got a letter in the mail. No return address. Strange. It had a few photos in it, with “Lance” written in thick black ink on the backs of each one. All I know is that third one is a map of Stockholm. The others are a mystery. Perhaps they’re linked. Whether this is fake or fact, it’s very interesting and slightly alarming that someone sent me this stuff. If the informant can find my name and know what I am doing…then so can FDFS Lance. If only I could find this mysterious informant.

Log File 0158: Wrapping up

I'm almost finished with my Stockholm investigation. Such a nice city, but I could never live here. Not after I learned of it's real meaning. Still haven’t found that mystery informant. Now that all my forensic guys are gone, it will be impossible to do a trace. Unfortuately, I'm an investigator, not a scientist.

List of the basic Stockholm info

Claim 1 – Stockholm was indeed housing a FDFS Lance case of sorts
  1. Found certain FDFS Lance materials in destroyed real estate building
  2. Constant referral to “Stockholm Base” in our past records
Claim 2 – Swedish government were in on FDFS Lance activities
  1. Bank records show numerous transactions between government and the New World Propriety Centre
  2. Neighbors report seeing government vehicles often parked in front of said building. (Although it is strange why they would do such a thing so openly.)
  3. Government has not reported on fire, and building was cleared of any evidence three days after by investigation (the police?)

Things I don’t know concerning Stockholm

  1. Why was the building purposely destroyed?
  2. FDFS Lance is known for its efficiency and its excellent ways of covering it tracks. Why then, was the building destroyed in such a sloppy manner, and why would they leave such crucial document unscathed from the blast. Was it a mistake, or was it purposely left there?
  3. Where are the “realtors” who worked there now, and why are there no files on them or the real estate brokerage? (Could be a government cover-up)
  4. What was the purpose of the Stockholm Base? Why Stockholm?



This paper was found in a trash dumpster in Sau Paulo, Brazil. It was in the mouth of a rotted beyond distinction corpse. After salvaging it we found that at the very end was scrawled in thin blank ink: “Closer than he ever imagined”

The author

The detective that wrote this report was never seen live again although communication was made. After several months of his disappearance he was proclaimed “missing and assumed dead.” However, at one point he called his family and started to tell them what he had found. Before he could get past even the background we began sobbing followed by screams of intense pain. The family called the police and by the time we got there the man on the phone was just giggling. We managed to trace the phone call to a telephone booth in Mecca.

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