FDFS Lance: the reality

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This article has some 'minor' embelishments.

Most articles are written truthfully and accurately, however, some parts or most of this article has been made up, exaggerated, or is just plain wrong.


FDFS Lance: the reality

The logo of FDFS Lance

FDFS Lance is a perfectly legal “company” full of law abiding, perfectly normal citizens. It is based in Stockholm and deals with many other good-natured people about their unimportant problems. FDFS Lance is often held accountable for events that the organization did ‘’not’’ orchestrated because of its incredibly unsuspicious nature.


After World War II the Big Four gathered and pooled their funds in order to create the powerful organization now known and feared as FDFS Lance.

The rest of the History of FDFS Lance has been censored for 'Tasteless Humor'


  1. Take the Birger Jorisgatan south towards Nybrovikea
  2. Take a sharp left onto Kungsg
  3. Once you reach Malm leave car and travel on foot to the Hotorger T-station
  4. Get off at Pollis exit
  5. Upon reaching Centralen the New World Propriety Center will be on your immediate left

FDFS Lance did not/has never…

  • Hunted down and brutally killed several renegade “employees” after they “defected”
  • Assigned him to destroy Stockholm B
  • Aided or abetted the discovery of the Hat Bag
  • Covered up information about the founder or the rest of the Big Four
  • Had any involvement in Czechleslovokia around the time that Mr. K was there

Note to self

  • This article is to be deleted ASAP
  • All of these pictures are to be deleted ASAP
  • Allow Vice-Minister of telecommunications and conduct to “locate” the writers of this article and discuss several points of interest
A depiction of the prices, thrices, and nices available respectively
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