Dodecahedron of Love

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The Dodecahedron of Love is a Soap Opera that ran for 5 episodes, making it the longest of all the movie series Kopak Films made. The plot was weird and twisted, and often involved a dinosaur named Ricardo and his life. Other characters included Miranda, a charismatic female Gazelle, and Vladik, a shady but romantic tiger. Throughout the series Vladik and Ricardo often vied for Miranda's love and curry- making skills.

A scene from the first Episode


Episode Guide

Episode 1

Characters introduced, love conflict involving Miranda's suspicion that Ricardo is seeing an Egyptian gazelle visitor.

Episode 2

Vladik and Miranda go on a romantic date due to her jealously (or mistaken jealousy) that Ricardo is seeing the Egyptian. Ricardo, wallowing in self pity, moves to Florida. Antics ensue.

Episode 3

Ricardo goes to Miranda's house to explain, but when he's about to say, Vladik comes to the door. Miranda hides Ricardo in a closet, and Ricardo (in closet form), learns the truth about the love between her and Vladik.

Episode 4

Ricardo is depressed, so he goes on a joy ride on an 18- Wheeler. After causing collateral damage, he is hospitalized for several fractures in the spleen. Miranda is traumatized over his injury and goes on psychotic fit.

Episode 5

Miranda is still traumatized, and can't contain the truth. Ricardo is then woken up, and dies for reasons yet un-explained. Meanwhile, in a dramatic coup de grace, Vladik tells Miranda the truth about his illegal pen- smuggling business. Miranda forgives him and proposes.

A sample dodecahedron


Involves bloopers and humorous/ stupid mistakes during the shootings of the series.


This is the basic plot of the Dodecahedron of Love. If you are feel confused or mentally unstable after the viewing of this, it is perfectly normal, and Blank Club accepts no responsibility.

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