Dictations by a renegade FDFS Lance executive

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{Begin Dictation}

Tuesday, May 9, 1984

I’ve been hiding for the last couple days. Their ties are everywhere, the police, the government, everywhere. I have decided that the truth can no longer stay bottled up inside of me. To whoever finds this document, ACT.

Thursday, May 11, 1984

I began with FDFS Lance 14 years ago. I slowly started to work my way up to the top. After 11 years of labor I was accepted as a partner into FDFS LANCE. Upon my first board meeting, October 18th 1981, I found out the truth.

Monday, May 23, 1984

FDFS LANCE has too long hidden behind the Founder. It has long been involved with more then meets the eye. When I found out the truth I slowly started to leak the news. They found out and they got my family, next they will get me.

Wednesday, June 1, 1984

The Big Four (the CEO, the Chairman, the Chief Director Mr. Noname man

of Services, and the Founder) were the ones that started the madness. They were brought together after WWII. They pooled their resources to create FDFS LANCE.

Sunday, June 25, 1984

By tricking the multitudes into using FDFS LANCE products and services the big four amassed a fortune all in gold (See Figure 2)

Friday, August 16, 1984

It has been over a month since I last recorded. I have been switching hiding places twice or three times a week. But I must stay alive long enough to tell my tale. Where did I leave off…oh yes. After the big four amassed a fortune they–[Pause]–they found out…they are coming [4 shots fired]

{End Recording}

Tuesday, October 20, 1984

I can’t remember where they put it. It was important. Pounds…Pounds…POUNDS IN THE HAT BAG…THE HAT BAG [Screams]…[Laughter]. They did it you know…twice before I could stop th–CZECHLESLOVOKIA! I must go…Sorry Mr. K looks like the time is up (See Figure 3)…feel so sleepyyyy–

{End Recording}

Sunday, December 25, 1984

THEY HIDE IT AGAIN. THRICES…THRICES… [Whimpering goes on for 15 minutes followed by extreme laughter] I HAVE EVERYTHING…THE POUNDS THE GRAPHS…THE PRICES…THE NICES…THE THRICES…[More laughter]…the clock, WHERE DID I PUT THE CLOCK. THEY MIGHT FIND MR. K…mr. k … mr. k … [Crunching sound] … NO! NOT NOW, NOT AGAIN! THEY T–TH–THEY COME! [Hushed voice] no…NO please I will give you every thing the pounds…[Loud voice] I HAVE THE HAT BAG [Giggles] I knew I was you…oh yes I did…oh y–[Sounds of electricity] [Scream]

{End Recording}

Friday, January 1st, 1985

[Note: This recording has two voices. They will be shown as this, and this.]

[Calm, Intelligent, Foreign voice ] So I have once again found the elusive Mr. Mr. Mhidjfkd

(fuzzy and unhearable). You knew I would didn’t you. NO I DIDN’T…HELP…H–[Sounds of electricity] [Scream]. Please don’t make this difficult. I already have so much on my mind. [Foul ripping noise] [Scream]. So tell the big four just how much you know…

{End Recording}

{End Dictation}

Comments and Clinical Breakdown of Text

This is a very important piece of the FDFS Lance puzzle, as it gives much KEY information about the early days of FDFS LANCE. The executive, although vague and insane, give important clues even in his non- understandable gibberish. For instance, he talks of "the Hat Bag", which seems to be a very important item. The Hat Bag is also called the most mysterious part of FDFS LANCE, and while this gibberish does little more than raise MORE questions about the Hat Bag, it does shed some much needed light on it. More things learned in the gibberish are mentions of the 3 important graph mainstays: the Prices, Thrices, and Nices. While he does not explain what they are directly, we do know that, like the Hat Bag, they probably are important. Finally, mention of a clock is reported, and seems to be of value as well to FDFS LANCE.

Mr. K seems to play an important role in these messages, and the idea that the "rouge executive" worked for K as a assistant is quite possible because of this (this is futher supplemented by the fact that in the Executive Letter Series, it is mentioned that a underling of K had stolen something important from FDFS LANCE, which the Founder was not happy about.

The history of FDFS LANCE gives us a good perspective on what exactly is going on. It doesn't answer any questions (like most things in FDFS LANCE), but it is very interesting.

Clearly, this is a very important piece of FDFS LANCE material. However, it does raise more questions than it answers, which has been mentioned earlier. However, it must be taken into account the importance of this document, and it's great value.

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