Department of Censorship

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The Department of Censorship is a division of the Blank Government System. Its job is to protect the secrets of the Club, maintain a security shield over the club, and destroys objectionable or radical documents, letters, and announcements.



The Department was started with a noble goal in mind, and never swayed from it. Established in the 6th Grade, the Department has maintained order and stability within the Club, and should be praised because of this.


Leader and maintainer of the Department, General Subwoofer has always kept the best interests of the Club in mind when he makes his verdicts on questionable materials. To avoid pointless bickering and bueraucracy, the Department has only 1 staff member (Subwoofer). This allows for a higher level of organization, and less wildly diverging viewpoints.

Notible Actions the Department of Censorship has Done

  • Protected the Club from the lies that the TIA spewed during the Bling Wars (some "free- thinkers" have claimed that the evil organization was pleading for a truce instead of spinning deceits, but these accusations have been dismissed.
  • Covered up many documents that may have hurt the foundations of the club.
  • Recently cersored several parts of the BCE for educational and safety purposes.

Lies you may have Heard Concerning the Department

  • There is no connection between FDFS Lance and the Department.
  • The Department is not Orwellian in any way whatsoever
  • The Department does not limit our freedoms
  • The Department is not corrupt
  • The Department does not raid homes

In Closing

The Department is a pinnacle of good in a world of lies and dangers, and should be respected and loved.

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