Custom Storm Pistol

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Commanders Pistol
Owner Evan Pryzant
Age 1 year
Condition Broken
Affiliation Jihad Machines

This Custom Storm Pistol is Evan Pryzant's.



Evan got a Storm Pistol for a birthday one year. It sucked. He left it in his garage for a long time and one day realized that although it was awful is looked awesome. So he went through a long process in order customize it.

The process

The paint job

  1. Evan unscrewed the gun and took it apart
  2. Then he duct taped key functional bit in order to provent them from being sprayed
  3. Bought silver, black, and a protective pain spray
  4. Sprayed with paint each individual part
  5. Let them dry for a day or two
  6. Sprayed with paint again (second layer)
  7. Let them dry again
  8. Spray with apoxy (protective layer that also gives shine)
  9. Put back together
  10. With a paint brush touched up some small things

The inside parts

  • Drilled out part of the tank and added some extra space
  • Taped up some holes
  • Made the nozzle bigger
  • Greased the pump

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