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Creature Corner is the customary name for the Blank Club media. In the beginning...

Creature Corner (Magazine)

The Creature Corner is a magazine created and published by Jesse Aicher and Brad Barbour. The magazine, while somewhat underground, is full of useful tips, including current news articles including the world reknown (“Knitting: Is it Only for Girls?”). The magazine gained many sponsors in its early life, including the infamous water company Aquavina, and while it is associated with the Blank Club, it is not brought up at meetings, yet privately worked on by the founders. To get perhaps a glimpse of the first publication (if you are accepted), visit the blank archives. (For more information, kill yourself, go to heaven, ask god, then pray that someone learns the secret of resurrection, unless of course you killed yourself out of hatred.)


CreatureCorner (Website)

Once the Blank Club got computers and became more electronically savy an official Blank Club website came about. CreatureCorner is a series of attempts at creating an official Blank website (following the collapse of Aughblooba Industries). Currently the offical CreatureCorner is worked on by Kopak and Bannus.

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