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Founded by Bannus Van der Kloot in a sixth grade math class, Creature may be the acme of the Blank Club's five-year existence. In 2001, Bannus Van der Kloot drew creature on the math homework of Bradley Barbour. Creature has since been developed thoroughly by Jesse Aicher and Bradley Barbour.



The original creature autographed by Bannus Van der Kloot

The history of Creature is a strange one. One day a Creature suddenly came into being. It was sad, being all alone, not slowly more and more Creatures came into being. The first Creature decided it should lead his people to new and better things, so without further ado, a crown and a staff was drawn him, and he became King Creature. His friend, a religious fanatic, became Pope Creature. So the Creatures lived a prosperous and peaceful life on their home, Mt. Humana. Then suddenly, a threat came into being. Woofy, a large dog wanted nothing more than to see the Creatures of Humana eradicated. The Drones, lead by Woofy fought the Creatures in many bitter wars. The Creatures, although being peaceful, fought vigorously, and their ingenuity helped them create many machines of war (see Zeppelin). The Creatures and the Drones continue to fight in feuds today. Creatures gave their support in the Q War, and helped B.L.A.N.K defeat the evil union between Mr Q and Woofy. The Creatures were given large amounts of money for their support, which helped the Creatures built Humana up into a gigantic citadel mountain, and helped the Creatures expand into the plains around Humana, including the Nouveau Soviet Tundras.

Body Shape

Creature is an oval-like figure with a deep, large mouth, with sharp, large teeth, stubby almost non-existent legs (which serve no purpose, because creature moves by rolling), and a curly tail. Special creatures, such as pope and king creature wear hats and bear staffs. Creature is almost always white.


Creature can be found in figurative and literal places. Literally, creature is found on, most regularly, and eight and a half by eleven pieces of white paper, lined or unlined. Figuratively, creature is found near Mt. Humana where many battles were fought between creature and Woofy.

A artistic rendition of Creature

Life Cycle and Diet

Creature has no gender, so therefore creatures are not born. They are drawn by Blank Club members and sometimes counterfeited by impersonators. After creatures are drawn, they remain until ripped, shredded, lost, pillaged, burned, sacriliged, or quomed (see Quome). It is not known what creature eats, or even if he eats at all.

Creature Today

Creature is a school-wide icon of the power and the supremacy of the Blank Club.

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