Council Crusaders: The Next Generation characters

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Council Crusanders: The Next Generation is known for its revolving door of characters, which changes on a season-by-season basis.


Current Main Characters


  • Josh O'Brien: Current class president, the main character of every season of CC:TNG. O'Brien is known for not only his commitment, but his troublesome romantic life.
  • Gustav MacGregor: Current Vice President and former political rival of O'Brien, MacGreggor is known for his high amounts of charisma and his uncanny ability to appeal to the populace even in the face of obvious corruption and mismanagement.
  • Aaron Shmuel: Political and financial advisor to O'Brien, Shmuel loves to capitalize on his Judaism. Shmuel unsuccessfully ran for minister of treasurey, losing by only one vote to _____.

Green Anarchists

  • Jake Turner
  • Cindy Miller

Secondary Characters

  • Fred Macgregor
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